Creating Earthquakes

I am learning a new discovery, how to command Earthquakes, i was in bed, i felt like i was soul travelling projecting myself in a faultline like the marianas trench off the coast of Japan, deep under water down the trench really a dark place of the Abyss ocean depth i was able to loominate a certain amount of light coming from my third eye, i notice some whales swimming, but also starting to send out waves and waves of very powerful energy pulsation coming from my third eye like a rippling effect, sending down the waves and waves consistently collision at the massive canyon and along the canyon of the marianas trench at a varst distance also pulsation of energy collision with the ocean floor of the ocean trench, for 10 minutes, then massive siesmic active was starting up, it felt i had no control over it, it felt my Earth and third eye chuckras was activation with my Heart chuckra as well, then i found a way to stop if i keep on going a start a mega Earthquake, a mega Tsunami will follow shortly after, i was seeing what will end up totally wiping California and Colorado Washington DC off the map, destroying Legal Recreational marijuana, i cannot let that happen, so i agreed use it against the Australian Capital Territory where parliament House in Cambra is my mind was seeking any massive fault line to create a 11.5 magnetude Earthquake, to destroy all those Hippocrates the will not Legalize Recreational cannabis to help reducing the Australia det, and no more people going to jail for Marijuana and stuff up criminals who sell and rip people and bullie people, so monitor the marianas trench fault line if anything happening.:zap:

Apparently, even the Jewish Black Magicians thought that to create one by psychic means was not feasible. Which is why the created HAARP.
But, it could be possible.

If you had the power to cause an earthquake through psychic means then you would be able to change these peoples minds and laws to reflect your desire for various substances and do so through much easier and less strenuous means than said earthquake. I would advise you to take a closer look at yourself and your motives and your actual practice before attempting anything.


H.A.A.R.P is insignificant to the power of the darkside, the third eye is more powerful then H A A R P, i think Abandon was in me testing my abilities, there are to many on this forum living in the USA for me to rupture the mariana trench and produce a Mega thrust Earthquake and a mega tsunami which would follow, something like that would be better used against Islam.

Hmm, cough…Yellowstone…cough…