Creating an Oracle Deck, Interesting Experience

So as the Title says I’m creating an oracle deck for personal use, I started out with the first card, had the image in my head of what I wanted it to be and then I was finished…the card actually started talking to me, and told me what it wanted to mean.
So I’m sitting there, black candle wax on my tittes, wondering what the actual fuck.
And now I gotta know, are the cards supposed to fucking talk? Like with a voice n everything?


I think Oracles connect to certain spirits that want to share messages. That’s awesome you heard it. What theme did you plan and what theme did the card suggest?


I made a card I called the Jack of all trade, he has multiple arms holding multiple objects to symbolize different occupations. I orginally intended him to just mean using multiple abilities to complete a task. But the card suggested that he would be a rather fortunate guide in business matters or matters regarding projects. He also suggested that when he is reversed he could point to feeling externally overwhelmed.


Jack of all trades sounds so much like Hermes to me who is also within the classic tarot deck as both The Magician and The Fool some say he even shows up as The Hanged Man for a new perspective.

Hermes has multiple occupations but is also god of merchants therefore helpful in business matters

This makes perfect sense as we so often pile up our plates higher than we can handle (guilty as charged and I also work with Hermes) and this is why it also makes me think of The Hanged Man which symbolizes gaining a new perspective (looking at the matter upside down)

I think it is so awesome you are making your own oracle deck Keep it up! I would love to see pics when you are done

The closest I have come to that is making my own set of runes

To answer your question yes individual tarot cards and runes are connected to spirits but like any tool its all in how you use them and percieve them for yourself

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Ya know I never even considered Hermes but thats interesting and if it were a snake it woulda bit me :sweat_smile: I’ll definitely post pics here when its complete. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, I gained a different perspective from it and that’s the best gift someone can give ya.

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You’re welcome glad I could help! Again would love to see the card when you’re finished with it

is interesting
I first created a tarot deck and now I am working on an oracle deck as well
the interesting thing is that I never intended to create a meaning for each card only to channel the message
and it happened to me too
each card I have channeled has in a way it’s own voice, and it’s own way of talking
one of the cards i channeled used the word “invite” to approach the querent to its wisdom as another used the term “demand” so in a way they have all different personality
and yes they can “talk”
in a way you can do a similar exercise with tarot cards, meditating on the image and you can get a message or an answer to anything.

also what’s the theme of the oracle deck? just for curiosity’s sake

I suppose the theme is just my artwork. I draw alot of surrealism so that’s it, plus it’s just common emotions and problems I face. I started creating the Oracle deck as a way to vent and to have something I’m connected with intrinsically. Giving me a chance to separate myself from my problems and think of them from an outside view.

I would suggest in order to make the oracle to work in the best way, as your artwork can be in a way just one side of the spectrum, to make opposite artwork for each one you have.
so that way your oracle is not out of balance

Thank you for the advice, I’ve thought about doing it that way but ultimately I’m unsure of what design to go with. Perhaps I just haven’t thought on it enough.

you might evoke your the artwork you have already done to ask them to show you their opposite
in a way they are an axis two sides of the same energy so if you invite one this one can open the door so to speck to the opposite of it

The only hang up is I am not good with the whole evoking thing. I have no experience in it really. I usually just get random visions telling me what’s up so I’ve come to rely on that. Is there a reference guide you may know of that I could use?

in a way when the images “talk” to you is the same sort of connection of evocation
so in a way you already have the link
you just have to ask them to show you the next image you need
stay focus and let the image come to your mind
do not overthink it and let it flow
usually the first image that takes form in your mind is the correct one
so i would suggest you make a sketch right away when you get the image
and then analize it and try “talk” to it

Okay, that’s a bit more clear now. Thank you.

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