Creating a thoughtform companion based on a real life well known person. Good idea or no?

Would it be safe for someone to make a thoughtform companion that’s based on a person who’s well known by a lot of people?

No, it is considered dangerous to mould a servitor on a living person because it will take on traits of the person in question and may cause trouble and become uncontrollable.

That doesn’t mean you can’t though. Just that it might be troublesome.


Oh, but i thought that you can “program” it to not be able to cause trouble and have it be the way you want it to be, so it can’t do anything you wouldn’t want it to do.

Might might be troublesome to the person in question as well as creating an astral image of a person is one method for exerting influence on them

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You know what? I think you should totally try this. Seriously. Then observe how both your servitor and the person behaves.

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All i wanted to do was have a little fun,(and no, not in that way either) but if it ends up affecting the real person then i don’t know if i want to do it or not now. Don’t want to hurt the real person by accident or anything.


What’s more fun than experimenting? Who knows, I could be wrong. :wink:

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@Lady_Eva’s Evocation of The Personal Daemon uses the image of an actual person, but she specifies that it should be of a dead person to prevent the daemon having a connection and influence on the person, so I would assume the caveat would apply even to a simple thoughtform.


Shhhh. Dk you weren’t supposed to tell that story. :joy:

Seriously though, William Atkinson teaches this as a method of remote influence.
And I use it too.

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Oops. My bad :sweat_smile:

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Another thing that i was curious about was, if the thoughtform is based on a person a bunch of people know about, if it would be safe to even attempt to make one yourself, seeing as how others have probably already tried making one of their own, so you would basically be calling on one that others have used and wouldn’t actually be separate from your own.

Correct me if that’s wrong but from what i’ve read about thoughtforms is that’s a possibility that it could happen like that.

Fotomecus was molded to be like chronos lol. Not the same case but in the end fotomecus wanted to be better than chronos.

However, DarkestKnight already explained cut and dry of it all lol

Those people who adore that individual or hate them or any form of emotional or energetic thought of that individual would technically feed that servitor but it would develop traits from each. Just like making a servitor and feeding it anger, or hatred, or using it for harmful things. It can develop into a leech that’s unsavory. It could even want to replace the original foundation it was based off of.

Just as there are thoughtforms of the fortis, Lucifer, the Gods, known angels, known yokai, etc. they got to a point they want to replace the beings in question which is why some occultist end up contacting thoughtforms not actual beings.