Creating a spirit from the darkness of Drugaskan and Ahriman

The problem with creating entities is we use the power of light, or we use the powers that surround us which is just a force of limitation and weakness from Ahura Mazda.

So creating a spirit from Drugaskan is very potent, since in the BMOA, this is a state of mind but also a place its the abyss, of complete darkness, a void almost of unlimited possibility in the form of dark mass which we can mold to our will.

Then we can use the power of Ahriman since, he isn’t only a being of counter creation, but also a being of unlimited creation, he taught Ahura Mazda how to create life, we can harness this power of Ahriman.


Start of with the peering into drugaskan exercise from the BMOA, in this place of complete darkness, Visualize the dark matter emanate all around you.

As you inhale feel the darkness spin around you clockwise and counter-clockwise, creating a spinning vortex around you.

Now begin to feel the power gain a huge critical mass, visualize the spinning dark mass increase in speed, then vibrate " Ahriman " as a mantra.

As you vibrate the mantra, visualize a obsidian darkness enter the spinning vortex around you.

The combination of the darkness of drugaskan and ahrimans darkness is potent. Combining both forces you can mold a spirit from the dark mass of drugaskan and use Ahrimans power as the catalyst of creation.

Now in this spinning vortex say, " I the Zanda and Apostle of Ahriman harness unlimited possibility, from the abyss Drugaskan, i mold the form of ( name of your familiar ) and with the power of Ahriman i create ( name of your familiar ) in darkness eternal ".

Visualize the dark powers that rotate around you, then inhale and as you exhale, see the power that surrounds you move away from you, before you and morphs into a body made of dark matter.

Now you’ve molded the body of the spirit, you’re about to create.
Now observe the body of the spirit before you, perform the Domar and Dehak exercise from the BMOA, then visualize the serpents rise, the cool flames of arezura will rise within you.

Will the cool spiritual flames of arezura to flow out of you into the dark body before you and say.

" You have been birthed from Drugaskan, the abyss, forged and created from the powers of the King of darkness Ahriman, I the Zanda have fed you the power of arezura, now ( Name of familiar ) Rise ".

See the spirit awaken in the mist of absolute darkness, the more you focus upon the spirit the more it shall solidify.

Observe this fascinating being, for as long as you wish, now will the familiar to become a black cloud, visualize the cloud enter your crown chakra, then with visualization and breathing see this cloud descend into a black sphere of your sacral chakra.

You are now housing that entity in your blackened sphere of the sacral chakra. House this entity in yourself for seven days and seven nights, this spirit will feed and develop within you like a child in a womb.

Once the seven days and nights are up, create or obtain a vessel for the spirit, then perform the rite of consecration found in the BMOA, upon the vessel.

Place the vessel in the north, then recite the opening dark staot of Rawnuha and the Littany of the Black Sun, both can be found in the BMOA.

Place both hands on the vessel and close your eyes, visualize the dark cloud in the black sphere of the sacral chakra.

Now inhale see and feel the cloud flow down your arms into your hands, then finally into the vessel.

Then say " ( name of familiar ), I bind you to the vessel before me ".
Now structure the spirit in the vessel, so the dark cloud may take on the shape of a body. Give blood on the vessel or anoint it with the venom’s of the black sun found in the BMOA.

Create a sigil for the spirit, place it in front of the vessel, give a verbal command of what abilities and attributes you allow the spirit to possess.

Allow the spirit to become stable in the vessel, place the vessel either on the infernal nexion or in a dark corner.

Now you have a spirit made from the powers of unlimited possibility, instead of a being of Ahura Mazda’s light, which is weakness and utter limitation.


Conner Kendall.


Fucking amazing Brother. Keep up the great work.

I hope to be on the level you and @Dinmiatus are on very soon.


That’s really awesome, honestly. I, too, wish I could achieve that some day. :sweat_smile: :star_struck:


I love it


You may consider a 40 day devotion to one of the litianies, i did one for the shadow of jupiter that finished last month. Getting through the dark staot became progressively easier during it. When i started trying to incorporate them when i started the work i could barely get through 30 mins before my tongue and jaw went numb :joy:

:japanese_ogre: now i am considering continuing for the next 33 days with the litinay of saturn after im done with this 7x7 lunacy :rofl:


They’re nuts man. I’d lose my spot trying to switch sentences and become confused. Forty day devotion to Mars it is.


Have fun :sunglasses: :japanese_ogre: keep us posted on what ideas bubble up during it.


That is incredibly awesome brother, i thought a perfect vessel, the forbidden Golden calf used as a vessel.

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I love all the work you put into your rites ! Good job brother :fist:t4::fist:t4::fist:t4: