Creating a sigil

How do I create a sigil from nothing? Do I need to evoke something to get visions of the sigil from a spirit. I am not talking about sigil magick. I’m talking about how would I make a sigil that could be put in a grimoire. What is the process I should go about doing?


I’ve used planetary squares.

You could ask said spirit to show you the sigil you require in a skrying device

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Sigils are representations of ideas. They can be literally anything and can come from literally anywhere. The whole grimoire thing is up to the person writing the grimoire.

I have used origami cranes and paintings and music all as sigils. Make your sigil according to whatever rules make sense to you, and keep it as long as you feel you must.

I guess i don’t understand why the distinction is being made between “sigil magick” and a “sigil to go into a grimoire.” It sounds like parts of the same whole


If you know the name of the entity you want to work with then just plug it into a Rose Cross:


^ Yes, you can also trace their name using planetary Kameas, use the one linked to either that spirit (via their correspondences) or the type of goal you want, for example venus is traditional for love, or Jupiter to increase wealth.

Research the term “planetary magick” for more on that.

There’s also this method of course if you trust yourself (as you should!!):

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@fentrossman thank you for creating this post. I have a question about sigil making and instead of littering the forum I searched for one that had a similar question to mine. I hope that this is relevant to the thread.

If I may ask for assistance from anyone familiar with my request. I need to bind a wandering dark entity that has been cleansed from a residence. I do not know the name, origin, background or any other information about the entity. Only that it shows itself as a wondering black shape and likes to make knocking noises.

Currently I’ve felt that this entity needs to be bound for a time and released after a proper time cleansing ritual. My question is, how can one create a sigil for binding an entity with no detailed information regarding the entity and can this be done?

I know only the bare basics of sigil making and would be grateful for any and all information. Thank you so much!