Creating a sigil for unknown but known entity. Input?

Okay so there’s this being that I decided to try and reach out to, I don’t know her name, or IF she has a known sigil, however I know VERY WELL how her energy/presence felt when she was around (usually at night).

I also have plenty of memories of paranormal activity that would happen when she would “visit” at night (would hear alot of footsteps, knocking, orb activity/etc) + the memories of dream visitations and the one sleep paralysis experience I had. She was an important aspect of my young life for like 10+ years.

So I did try and create a sigil for her. To try and reach out to her. What I did was make the sigil symbolic of well her energy + my experiences I had with her in the way the sigil looks/symbolic.

I also did my best to mentally bring her energy/presence into my awareness + vividly remember the experiences I used to have WHILE creating the sigil. So that all of that would go into the sigil. Basically like an invocation of her energy + all the memories to charge the sigil while I was making it.

When I had created the sigil, it definitely had energy to it. I also tried to open it, and did feel a shift of energy in my room. Energy felt familiar, although I don’t know if it was anything more then just energy.

I don’t know her name, but I did have sort of a nickname I called the being when I was young. And I’m sure that name has enough power + energy to be just as effective as her real name. Since I used it so often in relation to her when she used to come around and stuff. So I put that name IN the sigil to add some energy, And my subconscious definitely knows which being that name goes with even if I don’t know her real name.

I decided to do this because I’ve been doing ALOT of reflecting on my past, and realized that she is legit the reason I even awakened spiritually or got into the occult (it was to contact her lol), and every time I would be thinking about the dream visitations or memories about her…I’ll legit see 1111. And I don’t see that often, but it happens mostly when thinking back on the dream visitations – so I feel it’s important.

Camera shot taken from my phone of sigil I created, so my work

I guess I don’t understand what you’re asking for. If this sigil represents her to you, what would you need from us?

Another question is, if you remember her energy so clearly, is this sigil just to have one for her?

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I just didn’t know how to make a sigil for an entity, especially since I don’t know her real name or if she has a sigil. So wanted input on what I did.

I made this sigil to contact her, like the way people contact demons through their Sigils. To make it easier to communicate and reconnect with her.

I remember her energy very well yes, (she had a big impact on me) but I felt it would be easier to communicate to her with a focal point (the sigil) then to try and invoke. I’m not as good in telepathy/communication then I am in say sensing and feeling energies.

I did try and invoke her energy as much as possible while making that sigil though to make sure it would connect to her, I do feel there was alot of emotion while making the sigil and alot of energy to it

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