Creating a sigil for desired person or casting a spell through words or text?

is creating a sigil for a person you want to cast a love spell on effective or even possible? could i do the same with my words or text?


It’s possible to sigilize name and surname with Chaos or RoseCross method.
In another one, you use this table

(terra=earth, aria=air, acqua=water, fuoco=fire)
What I do on PC is to cancel the useless letters as well as the various lines; then one has to draw lines between all the letters appearing in each elemental “subtable” (e. g. John: a line from J to O, another one from J to H, from H to N…). Finally, each letter should be joined across all those subtables, example: earth J with water J, air J and so on, fire O with earth O, etc.


How does it work? It’s something i’ve been searching for a while.

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After the creation of the sigil, it’s possible to do an evocation of living people, for example through sigil gazing then with simply calling the presence of a certain individual, or with a full summoning.
The next step may either consist in directly commanding that person, or summon also a demon, angel or other spirit to influence the person.


Is there any detailed guide about that?

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