Creating a Radionic device for Demons

I am considering creating a Radionic device to use specifically for Demons or Entities.

I am trying to figure out how to go about it and if it should be passive or something you plug into the wall and or it runs off batteries.

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What can it do that my eyes ears don’t? What does it do that a basic camcorder doesn’t?

Have you read the work of Uncle Chuckie? His materials have information on using demon seals with radionics, if I remember correctly.


@DarkestKnight I second this. I’ve known him for over a decade.

The book


The simplest and most effective way I have found to work with spirits in regards to radionics is just a simple amplifying pattern and put the sigil on it. You can communicate through that no problem at all without any fancy stuff.

If you need more help boosting your perception his apprentice Vrilock in his books outlines an interesting amplifier for telepathy specifically which is the core skill governing all nonphysical senses.

These are universal and can be used and modified to empower certain traits for any level of being.


I have been wanting to get one of Vrilocks books. Which one has that info?

I have read all of his books. I need to re read them.

You can set up a Radionic device and just let it run.

I believe it is his first vpg, Metaphysics of Self Mastery. Could be wrong though I read all three in that trio at once. The design though is extremely simple. Simple enough that I can probably just share a description. You take an amplifying pattern of five circles, one in the middle the other 4 around the sides and the central one with place a tube on top of to make it three dimensional. The theory behind it I will leave as incentive to get the book or to discover by your experimentation.