Creating A Neutral Space

The house I live in is protected by some intense old testament wards. I would like the room I stay in to be a neutral territory where I can practice and get results without interference from the consecrated house. How can I do this without performing blasphemous acts and the like, as I am still forming my personal cosmology and would also like to not be out on the street?


Well, I think this would be Shamanic methods to use. Smudging, Making peace with spirits hanging around, etc.
A thorough cleaning and cleansing of your dwelling.
I think if you’re going to be doing LHP territory, you have no choice but to perform blasphemous acts, ie pentagrams, evocations, demonic sign of the cross, etc; if on RHP stick to white magick and invocations.
Nothing says you can’t use your own shields and wards, even within the OT ward container you’re in.
Certain altars setup for the elemental directions might not be a bad idea, with the items innocent enough are charged with your own will. Stones and herbs for the earth, feather/fan for air, Incense cones for south, bowl of water for west, etc. The bowl can be used fro scrying.
Pathworkings as well.

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Claim the space as yours. Send you energy into it and push the other energy out.


On the flip side, if it’s warded real good that should give you less work to do with banishing and whatnot.


A Hoodoo House Blessing? I will have to look into a few books for the names of oils and ingredients, as well as an example invocation. The previous two replies are your best bet.

Banishing definitely isn’t an issue, as you say. Its more so bringing spirits in that is the problem. I will more consciously claim it as mine to try and make it into a neutral bubble within the greater bubble of the house as @anon39079500 says. This seems like the least abrasive way of handling things. Thank you all for the replies and help

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If they really are OT wards, you might want to extend your plan to include the perimeter outside as well. There is a method where you walk the perimeter quoting scripture and blessing the ground, or outer courtyard. Then your dwelling, the inner courtyard, and yourself - the temple.
Bubbles and claiming the space is a good idea.

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I don’t want to claim the entire house, as it would include destroying physical things such as mezuzah and that would be too noticeable to the owner of the house. Just the room. Also the protections currently in place do an excellent job of protection for the house owner and I prefer to let them follow their own beliefs. Thank you for the ideas though.

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