Creating a Luciferian Recovery & Ritual 12 Step Meeting

This is for E.A., I’m creating a Luciferian 12 step recovery and non-addicts group and plan on having daily book studies. I would be reading (no fees to attend) Occult and Luciferian Literature and referencing the author(s) when talking about the book and author before reading. My question is this do I need to sign/pay anything to put images of your likeness and an image of the book up on the script or screen share?
I’ve been a luciferian for about a year, interested ever since I heard the term. I’ve contacted Michael W. Ford already (haven’t head back yet) and will notify the author that I’m doing so, unless this isn’t required, I do not know but will follow due diligence if need be.


Give me a moment to PM you. :+1:



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