Created a simple sigil to see a UFO

Hi, I decided to create a sigil to see a UFO. It’s been a long time since I had an experience where I saw something paranormal. Decided that I would cast the sigil along with three others to try and forget. I am staying off the net where I might see one in a post or on a webpage. I want to see one when I look out into the sky. My goal is to cast the sigil again and again and each night, go out and look for a while. Does anyone want to join me and talk about sigils in general? I finally learned about the alphabet of desire, where you try to create an emotion before you cast a sigil. Ok, well I will post daily until I see something. I will try to use that for the next casting. Maybe I can get photos or something. Babbys first spell, but I feel you may be amused, so we will see.


Personally I don’t believe in physical alien saucers coming to visit our planet, not that I don’t believe in life elsewhere.

But good luck. Stay sober and tell us if you find it, (lets hope you bring a decent camera)

Stare at stars, get out of artificial light for a night or few hours.
Alternatively astral travel into the stars often.

Theres instinctual mapping in humans brain for the spiritual.
Trust your sight :+1:


Update after casting the sigil a second time, I went outside and looked up. Immediately I saw a small red dot flying silently through the air, but I am convinced that it was a satellite because it did not stop. Probably the ISS. Going to try again tomorrow. I’m going to draw myself seeing the UFO and then also cast the sigil again. It’s hard to forget the sigil that I created. I meditated on the sigil today in the shower. That’s where I like to meditate standing up.

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Update I kept repeating my casting and then going out and looking at the night sky. I did this over a period of 4 days. Nothing stood out. I did have an odd dream with two very beautiful blonde women that were twins. We took a shower together. But that was it. I know that’s super weird and doesn’t seem related, but they were so real in my dream. They were not like bimbos, but more like elves in LOTR. They had an otherworldly beauty. Other than that, the only thing that really happened was the ISS that I saw… or it was some other satellite. I think that if I am telling my subconscious mind to make a reality where I see something in the sky that I do not know, that it leaves things up for interpretation. I basically took the phrase “I see a UFO” and sigilized it. It was a bit hard to forget because the method that I use is to combine all consonants and take out the vowels. I also make my sigils easy to see when I close my eyes, so SF combined into a sigil was too easy to remember and too hard to forget. I might think of another experiment involving sigils and try it out. Thanks for reading.

You are doing something that it is more valuable than anyone writing out a rite or ritual. Everyones Occult knowledge is restricted to the fact that we must find fact from pattern. One persons experience is not enough and even tem peoples one experience is not enough. We need journalism from start to the end of time for everyone’s path workings and we need updates on rituals and spells good or bad, fruitful or waste of time. Thank for contributing to everyones knowledge by attempting to document start to finish all details of a spell/rite that you are preforming


Thanks for the updates if you do more star searching I’d recommend trying to cast Hawkeye on yourself first my only encounter I did that during the day then the ones that can come down and leave in an instant flashed a white light on me when I was meditateing I looked up and see a tiny white flash in the sky as it go smaller and smaller away it was basically allready in space it seemed like by the time I looked up, also I could see like a dotted line it was traveling on the interstellar highway it seemed was pretty cool hope you luck with you endevour. I’ve never seen the dotted highway again since not sure if it was because of the light they flashed on me or because of Hawkeye attempt. So were you done trying and looking for a new thing to try with a sigil? Can try to make one so the larger spirits show them selves in the sky I’ve been checking out a picture a friend took for a bit tonight there’s one image just so wow huge next to the moon o a women and a blue orb but there’s so so many in that picture it’s crazy he told me he watched or days and seen hella other things in the sky befor taking the picture. Was the last full moon of 19 when he took the pic. I you wanna see lemme know I’ll post it.


Instinctual mapping in the human brain ?

Sorry it has been so slow to update.

When I charged the sigil and used it, I did see either a satellite or something that I did not know.

Technically that would be a “ufo”

Since then, I have seen several white balls of light that stop in mid air. Just the other day I saw one that was blinking white and then it disappeared after stopping. Came out exactly at sunset.

I think I might try this again. I just need a different phrase. I think I am going to use “I see an alien spacecraft”. I will try this again. I am going to use the regular old sigil method, but I will also use the hyper sigil method where I draw the scene of me seeing it from my balcony. I will report the results.

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This thread reminds of a documentary “Close Encounters of the 5th Kind” by Dr. Steven Greer. He had a near death experience as a teenager and began meditating. He realized he could contact aliens. He taught the technique to a group of enthusiasts. One of them contacted a “healer” alien who supposedly healed his hearing loss. The premise is that aliens come here via consciousness. All the footage of contact doesn’t have any spacecraft but are always some type of light. Sometimes it’s up close instead of in the sky. It makes me wonder what type of beings he’s actually contacting.


Okay, so I created the sigil with the usual method:

Used the phrase “I will see an alien spacecraft”

Crossed out all of the vowels

To charge my sigil, I used masturbation as the method

I imagine the sigil in my mind during climax white on a dark background. Then at the end, I breathe it out and imagine it flying out into the world.

I don’t look at my sigil after this. I leave them in my black book until they are achieved. After this, I will reveal to you the sigil. I don’t really know if you can charge someone else’s sigil, but you can see what I made after this.

Will report back when I see something substantial. I don’t know if I will have video proof or evidence, but I am going to get my phone ready, binoculars, a note pad and my watch to record the time. If I get anything, I will make a report to - Additionally, I will look out each evening. I will try for a certain time in CST.

And, I shall link to the report. This is for magic science!

Also, I am going to possibly see if I can petition an entity to come into contact with. I have decided from my own experiences to not work with demons until I get some more training and do some more power meditations and develop.


What is a Hawkeye?

It’s the generic name for being able to zoom in, like how birds of prey do, I just made up some words for the purpose and used magnafieing lense to see what zoom looked like on one eye switching back and orth between normal sight and zoomed trying to make the normal side zoom in and eventually my brain seemed to just do it for a while, zooming in without useing a magnafieing lense.

The ectoplasm meditation from the site I’ma link will probably help with UFOs it’s said they case huge amount of it to be produced when they abduct. If you use it in charging the sigil I think it would help, myself I haven’t quite been able to do this meditation yet can’t hold a scary like image in sight my eyes mess up.