Create your personal Hierarchy- or not?

I have been wondering about having a Personal Hierarchy to work with- i am not necessarily willing to Dedicate to one Demon- not too sure I ever will.
I am wondering what peoples experience and opinions are. Or should i just work with Entities willy nilly.
I am very Pulled to the Mesopotamian pantheons as well as Levantine.

Any opinions?

You shouldn’t create a hierarchy out of your ass. this sort of thing should rely squarely on the spirits.

Not creating, discovering. You already have one, even if you don’t think you do. When you read about an entity and you like it or dislike it, how you feel about it is a result of how well it matches your personal hierarchy

Creating your own hierarchy is a theory – a theory alone.
Some will say, it’s all in your head anyway, so do as you please.
I would wager you won’t get very far on that premise.
These entities are millions and millions of years old.
That’s why they seem distant.
But when their attention falls upon you - you’ll know it.

the cusp, You’re talking about the spiritual court. The spirits worshipped by ancestors and attracted towards you for various reasons.

totally agree with all your comments. I was tired and not thinking so clearly so the words really came out bad. i have extremely strong draws to certain Beings (Deific Masks as Ford would put it-though I hate that nearly derogatory term) The Beings i have the 'strong pulls towards- are from somewhat different pantheons.
Massively drawn to Adad- if I knew his name as a child I would have outright worshipped openly. However Abigor- has actually caused a deep sleep to fall upon me one day then pulled me over to the other realm to meet- (sadly I was super jesus righteous back then as was even more of a firebrand ASSHOLE) so I am trying to reconnect for apology as well as other reasons. i have been told if you get pulled over by any entities it is a good sign- still waiting too see. very desirous to make contact with Abaddon; Girra, and for some reason the Maskim Hul; due I think to the fact when someone gets outta prison they are going to want to show me how him and his mormoncritters are the tough dogs in my helpless little world. been trying to work execrations on him- but after nearly 2 years he is still above room temp. It is not to serve my lusts- it is to keep him from further destroying 10 other lives which wants peace safety and a future without his all permiating poisons. OK- i will get a cupcake out of it- but not enough for the effort. About a years ago- while thinking- in my mind i said the Name Belial three times in a row while walking my dog- i felt as if some 'arrow-good feeling arrow hit me in the chest and then for lack of a way to say it- a large Phosporus//Magnesium burst went off- just for afew seconds- but i felt like after that I should be able to feel or evoke- or invoke him more readily ; but been kinda nothing- but I really want to build on it.
Truthfully- even with some of my bad experiances when a demon would kick my ass- I just really enjoiy their company to regular fleshies; Just wantingt to create a solid stable consistant “Secret Masonic Lodge of my own” so to speak. i hate the estrangement I live when compared to my youth when entities just dropped in whenever whereever for whyever.