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Hello Just want let you know, i own one of those MSI X99A godlike gaming carbon motherboard and a Corsair H110i CPU watercooler to match the LGA 2011-3 CPU i7 core processer, and my mother and narrow minded pig headed Catholic older Brother do not know i have i kept it secret since i have those, when i purchase using my centrelink 1200 advanced payment, for Skyrim nexus moding because of Sonys rules on modding which is absolutely crappy, so i went to my bank to apply for a personal Loan, but bank requested for a quote proof what it cost so bank knows how much to lend me, so i went to All needs computer to get a quote this was exciting and price came to $7,499 awesome, so i went back to bank showed them and appointment at 3pm, 45 minutes before i went back to bank and sat waiting, and i started have a awakening nightmare, thinking if i go for the interview they will be asking for a reletive or family member can go garentore, o no they will ring my Catholic mother and then mum will contact my pig headed Catholic older brother then hear goes another hour Lecture about what i shouldn’t be applying personal Loans for, and the butterflies in my gut was building up so i got up and asked on of bank staff can i cancel appointment, i got a answer don’t you want to go on with it i say know i prefer go with the centrelinks for advanced payment it will only be $92 a fortnight repayment for 6 months interest free for $1,200 instead of $70 a fortnight with interest for a 7500 personal Loan over 5years. Then i left and thinking cannot let my mother and older brother getting window of that, and i caught the bus home so while i was travelling on bus i was day dreaming thinking about my older brother nightmare on 2 Legs, been thinking about something of nightmare thinking about i using my mind, and turn the nightmare into my own personal dark entity so i thought a creating a Typhon highbrid, nightmare while i was channelling and auto halucinate, seeing a swirling vortex around me like i was sitting in the eye of a Hurricane, with a dark energy travelling in a anticlockwise direction and i was actually seeing these imaginary very dark entities forming infront of me 10 to 20 meters away looking at me in a none freatening pitch black humanoid form with claws and talons, some were on fire another one blackened ash form and started seeing emunating from with in it, a shape a double Soran looking figure in the most pure form of Dark Lord Soran armour shape and another one again and again and again one after after like energy i have never seen before reminds a bit like from the Hobbit.:sunglasses: