Crazy synchronicity during ritual. Magick is very real

So I just had a crazy experience that still has me a bit shaken. I had just finished Day 3 of the 7 day Self-Initiation in the Draconian Ritual book by Asenath Mason. It involved some candle magick, mantra and visual pathworking where I met a serpent and was swallowed up by it to be reborn a dragon. The energy was very potent and my emotions ran high. I blew out all the candles at the end and the room plunged into darkness. I felt my way over to the wall, turned on the lights to see a real live snake right at my feet in the living area/kitchen ! It slithered into the corner and somehow found a crack to slide through and disappeared completely. Now in saying this I am living out in the forest very close to nature and it’s creatures but I’ve been here for almost a whole month and haven’t seen one snake the whole time, either inside or outside the house. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that this was connected to the magickal ritual somehow and certainly can no longer doubt the power of the mind, will, and spirit to manifest things into reality.


What color had this snake?


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Seems like a good sign.

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