Crazy memory of mine

So, about two years ago I was with this girl, I’ll call her Laura, and I thought she was the one but one day we got into a car accident and I passed out. When I came to Laura was gone and everyone was worrying about me. When I got to the hospital and asked about Laura they said I was the only one who was pulled from the wreck. I wanted to die… Then about a week later everything changed, it was like I slipped into an alternate universe, a universe where Laura never existed in the first place. My mother, sister, grandmother, best friend, teachers, even the hospital all denied even knowing the name Laura Jones. That was when I got into magic, which lead me down a spiritual journey where many things happened and brought me here. Anyone else have a crazy magic story?

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That IS bizarre. What about her family?

I don’t know if I have any stories on that level of crazy, but have you ever heard of the Bearenstein Bears vs Bearenstain Bears conspiracy theory? It has some similarities to your story.

No record of her family in the state. Did more research and found out that they are on opposite sides of the country.

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Laura doesn’t exist… Her parents seem to have never met. I also was watching dbz when 9/11 happened.

It’s okay I’ve moved past it for the most part, but it makes me never doubt the power of magic and what’s possible.

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It sounds like your soul/conciousness jumped from your original universe into this one. It could have been your body died and your being that exists outside of the material plane prioritized you over the you that was in the physical body you currently reside in.

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To explain how I know that this is the closest to the truth is to reveal more about myself than I plan to at the moment.

Nothing wrong with keeping things to yourself

Head Injury may be??? !!! :confused:

I did have a head injury in the accident, but I highly doubt that is why I am the only one who can remember her.

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So I’ve had this split personality thing for as long as I can remember. His name is Darkwolf and it’s his memory. Every other memory of this life we share except this one and I know that it was this lifetime but every time I hear about it, read it or think about it, it’s like it refuses to stay in my head, but it’s a memory he’s almost constantly reminded of it.
I have no idea where Darkwolf came from, he wants me to believe he’s part of me and had been there through all my lives but refuses to tell me anything about them. I also have the suspicion that he’s keeping me from astral travel.