Crazy about a woman

So, I’ve posted a few topics here and probably should talk about my intentions that I need help with.

I’m a 53 year old guy, who in the past has had a lot of non-starter relationships. I’ve been very unlucky in love and turned to the ones who call themselves god/goddesses. They have never helped, the end result was always heartache and left me heartbroken. I felt the I was never worthy of gods help, when I called him/her I was subjected to torment rather than a pleasurable end result. The girls I fell in love with would often find they lost interest in me very quickly or mucked me around. I’ve often thought this was ‘gods’ intention and set me up to fail and look stupid as punishment.

I married out of convenience and as a result of a rebound from a girl who I was supposed to be engaged to.
I’ve been married for 30 years and though I kinda get along with my wife, the love I have for her is akin to loving a sister. This makes intimacy very difficult. If we go out and she holds my hand I very quickly find a reason not to do so for too long. It feels false to me and I do think she feels that from me too.
We’ve had our ups and downs but plodded on with our life together. We have an adorable teenage daughter whom I adore and would never hurt her in anyway.

This hasn’t stopped me from being attracted to other women and longed to have a relationship with them.
Each time I’ve turned to ‘god’ for help I’ve been left heartbroken and punished by him.
Selfishly, I need to love another woman, I have so much passion and romance to give. Holding HER hand would be awsome! Whilst I know I’d be cheating on my wife, I really would just for once like to experience such intimacy and true love. It’s not just about sex, it’s a feeling that I need to fulfill my desire that ‘god’ has denied me. It’s feeling like I’m whole and wanted by someone I can truly love they way I’ve so longed for.

I have strong feelings for this woman at work, there’s something about her that I tune into, we both think very much alike. She primarily wears black, has jet black hair and looks amazing. We have so much in common and compatibility that it’s almost like we we’re made for each other. I feel that this time it’s meant to be though I’m not totally sure how she feels about me as she’s a bit of a closed person. I feel she likes me but is holding back - maybe? I pray to father - Satan, that this time I’ll be able to fulfill my desire and that he will help me and not let me down.

What should I do to make her have feelings for me? I want her to have a crush on me and take things further beyond freindship. I’m a bit of a shy guy and very gentleman like. If she was flirting with me I’d probably dismiss it and she’d prabably think in not interested in her. After all I’m not very experienced in this given my track record.

Who is best to summon for this to happen? I don’t want her to put her in any danger so would like help and advise to ensure I’m doing things correctly.
I’m hoping for a speedy (romantic) outcome.

Thank you for the taking time in reading my woeful situation.


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I suggest you talk to Gremory.

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Try doing a spell to make your relationship with your wife better. All you need is a red candle.


I’d do an evocation of ladilok. She is well known around here for getting girls from work. Just a word of caution though… people doing these spells to get girls from work have often have lost their jobs because of it so be careful

Hi, trust me I’ve tried but I love her in a completely different way.

What’s the best way to contact/talk her?

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Evocation or invocation are the standard methods for contacting spirits.
How you do the evocation is upto you really. That being said, since you’re newer to magic, I suggest you use the Sigil to aid your evocation.


Hi, So what I understood is; there is a woman that you like and you “think” she likes you as well and you want to take it further. Right? OK. Do your magick work. That is OK. in fact where I come from thre are rumors that say that there are some who can get guaranteed results to get one laid on bed using some kind of magick work alone. (famous in the Middle East, specially Egypt, Morocco and Algeria).

Also aside from this I would like you to suck it up, man up. Be in a good physical condition, go to gym or go do whatever clean activity, dress up nicely and when you see her. Look into her eyes like you want to fuck her and smile and say"Hiiiii" how are you? and some bullshit and tell her that you are having a crush on her and you are very nervous becasue she is very beautiful and tell her that you would really really like to take her for coffee or a drink. Nothing too special but just that you are interested in getting to know her and weather you both fit intellectually. Tell her that!! If she says YES. Bingo…if she says NO!! then go suck it up and say Thanks and walk away. If she says something in between like crap; Maybe - I’m busy now doing my PHD - I have a commitment - blah blah blah. Then give her a couple of days and try again. Otherwise just fucking ignore her presence and look for another girl. DO NOT WASTE ANYTIME. Good luck!!!

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Hi StarDavid,

Many thanks for your reply.
Correct!!! I like her and something tells me she like me too but holding back as she suggested we go out everything was planned but she cancelled the day before.
Anyway, I’ve lost three stone in wheight through diet, gym/exercise way before this situation arose.
I’m muscled/toned up and feel great for it.
Yeah I guss I got to man up and persue this further.
I’m not confident with women, never have been!

I needed help from Sallos and evicted him and asked for her to suggest a date again rather than me do it.
She hasn’t so looks like I’ll have to but don’t want to seem pushy.
I’m hoping Sallos will help me out still but it’s been a while and uncertainty lingers in my mind.


U look for love, and fail? See a member say he never call goddes female since hes a guy. It make man weak. His words. Gods.? Not idea which stile. Have u try just pure sex… Seems u knw goetya. But its is a now or never spirts. Just use sex spirts. Or look asian deities

Hi Thanks for your reply, which spirits would you recommend?


No man. you are WRONG. You are great with women. Get your hand on some good PUA stuff. Study the book: The Natural by Richard La Ruina, also check Hayley, despite being a woman and women generally cant teach how to pick up women, Hayley is one of the few exceptions. Ask your self. During this week how many women have you flirted with? To how many women have you given nice genuine compliments? How many have you had a small chit-chat with? and most importantly how many women have you asked for a number or invited for a coffee or so? If the area you live in has plenty of malls and cafes then you should aim for 3 approaches everyday. No matter how stupid you “think it is” Be a legend…JUST DO IT. God made women to be flirted with and to be enjoyed…so by doing so you are actually doing a good deed by worshiping God (or call it the Universe or the Nature or whatever)

he doesnt need pua. material. people come here to learn about how to use magic to get what they want. if hes going to learn all those circus tricks, there is little point to even being here. The most you need to do is get out more where women âre if the magic is actually working. just read all peoples experiences here. i have yet to see anyone having to spit out a bunch of pua game to gét the girl after the magic has set in. A lot of the time, the girl ends up coming to them


Hi, I just wanted to give an update as to where I am with the progression of my situation. Apologies in advance for the lengthy account of my ‘adventure’.

It’s been several long months of continual belief and faith in the Great Duke that my goal will come to fruition.
It’s been hard and at times, very testing and at times very stressful but, I’ve learned a lot along the way with great support/advice from fellow members here.

Duke Sallos is AMAZING!!!
Truly AWSOME!!!
Incredibly FANTASTIC!!!
I had an amazing experience when I summoned him several months ago.
I was going insane with not getting anywhere with the woman I desired. Whilst I didn’t verbally communicate with Duke Sallos I felt his energetic presence, the whole room suddenly changed in temperature. I felt I was in a bubble with dense air outside and light dynamic air inside. It’s difficult to describe but it truly was an awesome thing!!
Since then I’ve learned to let go my feelings for this woman. Duke Sallos taught me to be patient and let him do what he needs to. It was hard let me tell you as I saw her at work two or three time a week.
I kept my belief and faith in The Great Duke never giving up, never getting annoyed and never rushing him.
Members here too have told me to forget about her after a summoning, it was difficult at first but I got the discipline for somewhere and it calmed me right down over the next 5-6 months.

So, about a month ago I felt an urge push me into asking if she would like to meet up for a coffee and without hesitation she agreed. Wow!! I thought. That was easy!!
We talked and it was great but time was my enemy as we both had to get back to work. She decided that we should meet again so we could spend more time together.
Now, normally things nosedive for me at this point and I took it upon myself that if it happens then great, it not then I’ll have to be more patient.
But, true to her word she emailed me a week before last to see if I was free.
I replied back that I was with the expectation of being rainchecked or nothing ever happening. To be honest I was quite cool about it and didn’t work myself up about it. “If it happened, it happens! If not then no worries” I told myself.
I felt as though Duke Sallos was testing me to see how I was coping.

We spent a lovely evening together, she looked amazing!!! We got to know each other even more, it was just a perfect time but the hours flew by and eventually, we had to call it a night. We’ve agreed to meet up again soon which is a great result.
I think things fell into place perfectly and the timing was great as last year I didn’t have a job and struggling with money. Now, I have a job and a good income sobdon’t have to worry about going out for some enjoyment. This is all thanks to The Great Duke Sallos.

Two days ago I tried to summon Duke Sallos to personally thank him but I didn’t feel his presence. I left him a freshly opened glass of Jura whiskey for him to enjoy.
I wasn’t disappointed that he didn’t show, I just knew that he accepted my gratitude towards him for helping me.
And, although he hasn’t told me as such, I get this feeling that he’s telling me there is a little more work to be done and is aiding me as we go along.

So, my advise to anyone wanting his help and are new to all this is:

To BELIVE not only in yourself but in The Great Duke Sallos (or any other demon) whole wholeheartedly.

Be PATIENT, it may take longer than someone else experience, so don’t rush into thinking things will happen overnight.

FOCUS!, FOCUS!, FOCUS! - I said ‘Hail Duke Sallos’ several times a day, focusing on him mounted on his wonderful crocodile, siting proud, suited in his armour and holding his spear upright with a flag on it. The flag was that of his sigil fluttering in the wind.

I also said 6 HAILS to Satan/Lucifer 3 time a day (666) EVERYDAY. I told Lord Satan that he now, was my god and that in time he will raise to be as equal if not greater as any other god and that all of mankind will one day kneel to him.

Hail Satan


Wow that’s amazing, please keep updated