Crafted a black mirror, got a weird question

So i finally crafted the black mirror myself, as you guys suggested thanks for that… I somehow thought that it would be “too hard” to do it myself, but then i realized that i was making things seem harder than they are once again and found out that it was pretty fucking easy actually.

When i had done it i instantly got this a little weird question in my mind:

Would it be any help, or possibly a bad decision to give it a name for i thought name would give it more power - i don’t know why but that just came to my mind.


Only if you have a spirit attached to it. Otherwise, no.

But it wouldn’t do any harm either? the name could have egregore like power for me, especially when i keep using it. Other suggestions would be interesting too.

I’m actually quite sure that giving it name would give it more power just because i feel so, except i also feel that it might cause a complication with some spirits :smiley:

Why would you want to give it a name? What purpose would a name serve for you? Again I think back to, you are over complicating things.

Some examples like if you named your mirror Ahake and during a ritual you said
"by the powers of ahake" or
"manifest before me in Ahake"

wouldn’t that cause some confusion to any spirits that have no clue what Ahake is? You would first have to contact each spirit you plan on working with and telling them what Ahake means so when called forth at a later date, they know what you mean by that.

Or were you just wanting to name it so it seems cool?

Well i was gonna say that i know this sounds silly, but i will not subject to being embarrassed by my ideas …

And this is my explanation: things with names have more power, for example every song has to have a name to be recognized, every well known celebrity is known by name, i think there is a tendency from people to name their weapons… well some people even name their dicks, which i think is quite retarded… So we have i have to think is my mirror more like a weapon/song/book or… a dick?

i wouldn’t have to call it that all the time, i could just say black mirror. and the name could be black mirror - something. But the point would be that it would have been blessed by the name giving.

But you are right, my tendency to make things harder is manifesting itself all the time. I was thinking about it today earlier.

okay good point. People do name the strangest things, even their cars. I never understood naming genitals. I remember being in a Spencer’s store at the mall and this girl who was drunk or something, she was bouncing around and hyper, knocked over a gigantic 5 foot tall statue of Frankenstein and the head of the statue landed right on her boyfriend’s man package and he screeched very loudly and said “Damn woman, watch what you’re doing, you nearly decapitated my Mr. Snuggles McFee with that statue!”. Seriously? Mr. Snuggles McFee?

Dear gods…

I’d leave the black mirror out overnight in moonlight and ask a suitable spirit that will obey and serve you to be drawn into it, then scry the name next morning, but that’s just me.

Why not call it by name? There is several legendary magic “tools” and weapons that have been named, so why not name a scrying mirror? The pure legends and myths is a power within itself.

The Arthurian legend have the Excalibur, a sword weilded by King Arthur.

I would give name to certain magical tools, if I made these myself.

When you think how many magicians have lived and died, their tools often destroyed afterwards through fear, or buried away never again to be used, there must be at least several thousand spirits out there who’ve been buried, discarded, in some cases disowned by the people who made them or summoned them forth. Some will be servitors under a higher spirit, others will be egregores.

When I went out to buy my altar, aka went to the DIY depot for a large slate tile, I set the intent the night before for a spirit suitable for this make itself known to me once I got there, and that altar has shown up in meaningful dreams several times, which to me indicates it’s the real deal.

That, and the fact the stuff I do using it WORKS. :wink:

Hey thanks for the answers i will put it “semi-out” this night in the hope of the moon glowing in the sky (it has been pretty cloudy for couple of days) by semi out i mean at the balcony, as i can’t exactly put it on the yard right here.

I guess I just wasn’t thinking, I’m surprised I did not think of Excalibur because the sword in the stone was one of my faves growing up!

So go for it. I have seen people do all kinds of interesting personalizations to their mirrors.

It is an ages long tradition for African magicians to name their implements.
You’ll find named, matchetes, cauldrons, trees, stools, bowls, trumpets, censers etc.
I do that with even some simple things as fruit trees I palnt in my back garden.

[quote=“Milla, post:13, topic:5706”]It is an ages long tradition for African magicians to name their implements.
You’ll find named, matchetes, cauldrons, trees, stools, bowls, trumpets, censers etc.
I do that with even some simple things as fruit trees I palnt in my back garden.[/quote]

Awesome, so my intuition was right after all!

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If you believe that giving your black mirror a name will increase its power, then go ahead and give it one. I named my 1st computer, Arachne, spinner of webs and together, we created award-winning websites. Neil Finn named his keyboard Paul, which I believe to be a tribute to his dear departed bandmate.
As for naming genitals, that’s an interesting one. My ex would refer to “Willy” and we’d refer to “him”, as though “he” were a little person. I liked this. I have always had a rapacious sexual appetite and many of the guys I’ve been with refer to their member as “him” or “he”, whether or not they give it an actual name. One guy referred to my vagina as “she”, which creeped me out, for some reason. I don’t know why, given I was perfectly comfortable with the personification of male genitalia, having heard it so many times. This guy was creepy, to be sure. He was a talented songwriter and went on to tell me about the number of poems he’d written about vaginas. “It’s the gateway to a woman!”, he declared in his coked-up state. I openly scoffed at such a statement and shortly excused myself from this creep’s presence. Have another line, cos you ain’t getting none of mine! I digress.
I would be interested, Black Flame in the name you come up with and the significance thereof. Yes, a song needs a name for reference, but sometimes choosing one can be very hard indeed. Everyone knows “Bohemian Rhapsody”, but how did Freddie Mercury decide on such a name -and how, indeed did Blur come up with so creative a title as “Song 2”?

And as a man i personally think that naming or referring male genitalia as a person is creepy :D, although i’m used to creepy shit and i can play along as i’m not the non-creepiest person in eyes of the commoner myself. I won’t get shocked, but i still don’t understand why name or refer genital as a person… I just don’t.

I just found this quote and it cracked me up:

Alan Richter. The Language of Sexuality (1987): ‘Giving a name to the genitals may simply be an attempt to personify them but can also impute to them a life of their own, especially if their owner wishes to avoid responsibility for their actions.’