Cowry shells

I bought a set of 18 cowry shells half a year ago for no othe reason that they called to me. I wanted to use them in divination, perhaps other magickal practices but i find no sources on the web helpful i just know its from africa. So if anyone would care to enlighten me i would be grateful :slight_smile:

Many Thanks :slight_smile:

The small ivory ones with the gold rings were so valuable they were used as money and status symbols in some African tribes. (I’m not sure if they still are after the European conquers colonized it). I have three specimens in a small bottle and I honestly think paying attention to them has led some success my way. As for divination I would wonder if it’s similar to traditional bone-throwing, in which case every set of cowry shells are unique.

Ps, looked it up, this video is newer but it’s been the clearest one with the best audio quality.

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thank you brother i however have no idea about african spirituality :slight_smile:

Due to their original purpose (as stated above) they can be used with wealth and money spells. They also are good for protection and can also be used in spells for fertility. I’m sure there are many more ways to utilize cowries but follow your intuition!

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havent seen this one man thanks :slight_smile:

wow thats awesome thanks :slight_smile:

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