Covid protection

So I am from India and the situation is getting worse and worse with each passing day.

I am currently in Mumbai ( worst hit city ) and my family is in Calcutta ( equally bad state ) with my mom ( above 60) , my brother ( above 40) , my 5 dogs and I have one outside my apartment here.

I am worried and have stopped watching news coz of the death toll info. I just wanted to know if there is any specific entity besides Lucifer, Michael, Hanuman and Ganesh who I pray to - for health protection on a larger scale.

Any incantation? Thnx

Get Henry Archer’s “The magick of angels and demons”, it has a protection ritual specifically to use during an outbreak. Worked so far for me and three other people I applied the protection to.



When I reach out to my guides to see who you could work with, I saw Bael, Beelzebub, and Asaruludu.




Thank you

I’ll def order the kindle version

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Ok done

I can petition Bael ( assuming it’s the ars goetia )

And the third name I actually have never heard of but I’ll look up Tysm

Bael and Beelzebub have the same sigil

No they don’t, Baal is number 1 in goetia, Beelzebub no

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Oh ok I googled but then I’ll use the sigil of Baal from DOM

Even i am from Maharashtra … the situation is fucked up !!

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India has it rough right now. I’ve been wanting to do something with Kali or something for you guys :frowning:


Well its country wide lockdown … cant even practice magick here … as everyone’s around all the time … soo i spend most my time reading and taking notes


Lemme know if you need anything

My humble advise: If you only watch it on TV and don’t see it live - dont believe it


Actually a friend lost her dad today

Lack of beds and ventilator - I don’t believe all but just doing the best I can for me and my family :pray:t2:

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Try the book
Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing by Dennis Higgins. It teaches you how to heal your family and yourself in the worst case scenario.
High doses of Vitamin C (5,000 - 10,000mg), 5000Vitamin D per day keep you protected.
And if someone has breathing issues get them into a Hyperbaric oxygen chamber. That’s how they heal patients in South Korea.

But the High Dose Vitamin C,D thing is actually the best protection.

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Thanks a lot I’ll save this info

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one of the things people don’t do for protection is avoid infected places and infected people. that is common sense many don’t do. Just be a hermit away from everyone until it passes.
Of course do the proper healthy eating of food and self care.

Several of the King solomon talismans is focus on healing and protection. 5th pentacle of saturn is for protecting home. 3rd pentacle jupiter protect against any entity with ill will that may linger around home vicinity. 6th pentacle jupiter is for all purpose protection. 2nd pentacle of mars is for healing and health. 6th pentacle of mars for deflecting any ill intent from others/entity. 2nd pentacle of moon is protection of natural disaster of which covid is considered such. 4th pentacle of moon prevent injury to body and soul.


I’d go with the sigil from the grimorium verum myself.


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