Covering all grounds, he is worth it

So you laid down while evoking Lucifer and he dragged you down? May I ask u to elaborate?

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I guess he didnt expect to hang out.

I didnt give up on this

Theres just ao much that has happened and other stuff i needed to focus on
There has been many ups and downs its insane…we almost got back together again we were at a really good point in our relationship but things fell apart due to his problems (military conscription)

i had to stop my work with Duke Dantalion and Duke Sallos and work with King Belial and King Paimon to try and get him exempted (what he wanted)

He almost had ir… he was so close but then his request got denied and since then he hasnt talked to me at all … i try to open conversation but it’s just back to square one at this point

I dont know where i went wrong . Maybe i wasnr good enough for the magic i was doing

I made a pact with Lord Lucifer asked him to atleast keep the consxription to 1 year instead of 3 and it just worked today… im satisfied… but he leaves in less than 3 weeks and it really hurts but i try to stay strong
Im thinking of keeping my evocation to juat lord Lucifer for the time being because these past weeks have completely drained me of energy

I hope things get better again and we can connect during his days off

Hail Lord Lucifer :heart:


That’s amazing!! Why would you say you weren’t good enough for your magick, there’s not such thing! Your magick has obviously worked, is just maybe you have to focus on other parts of the problem, if the love and desire is already there but there’s barriers between you guys. Work with Belial and Viné on that, they are both amazing.

Don’t settle and don’t assume you’ll have to accept less than what you want. I remembered Neville Goddard’s story about getting exempted from military service: Persisting in your wish fulfilled against what the 3D shows goes a long way, believe me. Best of luck!! :heart:


Thanks alot for your kind words they really encouraged me

Its just that we stopped talking again so im worried its because he lost feelings again but maybe it’s just the stress from his situation

Ill try and start working to build this up again but will try not to lust for results

Thank you

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Don’t worry about it, your magick worked; that should encourage you to continue, breaking the barriers that keep you apart. You can do this :muscle:t3: