Couple things for sale

I’m about to be heading off to stay in a dorm and I need to get rid of some things so I thought I’d sell them in here for a low price.

Boa special reserve edition $400 or best offer: comes with some goodies

United cutlery saruman staff, weighs 7 or 8 pounds and is about 74" long plus it is in perfect condition $250

My own personal ritual staff which I don’t need anymore and it is exactly the same as the last one except it has been used in ritual $400, also comes with some Florida water in case the energy is too dark for you. Comes with some goodies and I’ll personally tell you how to use a ritual staff and how to keep empowering this one. I’m reluctant to sell this so there will be no bartering

Evoking eternity ixaxxar first edition in perfect condition $175

All prices include shipping to the u.s. if you live somewhere else I will have to bump the price for shipping