Couldn't move at all in my sleep?

So I slept with Amdusas sigil to my left and dantalions to my right. Wait is it bad if I called him dantalion the Italian? I didn’t seem he was offended, might be wrong.
I just started working with them

I remember lying in the dark trying to move but I couldn’t. Then I woke up like my usual time and almost forgot about the whole thing.

Sounds like you had an episode of sleep paralysis to me.

Try Dantalion the Stallion. Horses are strong with very deep complex personalities just like him. He might like that.

is that a bad or good sign

It might not mean anything. Sleep paralysis is caused when someone wakes up from REM sleep too early and the body (which shuts down muscle control during REM sleep so you don’t move around) doesn’t immediately allow muscle control.

I was sleeping in between two sigils and I was leaving more towards dantalion

It could be an episode of regular sleepy paralysis, or it could’ve been them. Have you tried contacting them after this?

I wouldn’t call any spirits nicknames until I got to the know them more closely.

I’m getting friendly vibes. He’s like the one I think about the most and I usually think I talk to him via imagination.
I think he was trying to teach altered States of consciousness