Could you help me with healing

Dear forum friends, magicians,

If have asked on this forum how to do my best on trying to help my uncle who has progressive dementia with healing.

Now they think it is Creutzveld Jacob. He is deteriorating fast.

I have done 3 healing evocations and I would ask people here that willing to participate to focus on him today with healing. He lives like me in the Netherlands.

Pm me if you want to participate. I can send you a picture and a name.

Thank you.



So sorry to hear that.

Have you tried doing a few rounds of this every day? Might help, especially if you pray to Raphael on the basis he’s also an angel of information:


Thank you @Lady_Eva for your quick response and tips. I’m going to do this tonight.

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You may want to try ordering some of the Medical Medium books by Anthony William and trying some of the protocols listed to help reversing the disease. Anthony is a medium that is in constant communication with spirit doctors that tell him how to prevent and/or reverse disease through the use of food. The exact methods are listed in his books.


I’m going to echo the Raphael thing. Also try Marbas. But here’s a few more options. I have successfully healed myself and others with the following. For one, the rite of deification is incredibly valuable. That is available through J.S. Garrett, OR you can do it yourself by getting Anthology 3, or watching JS explain it on YouTube. The short version is this(not to give it all away)- you evoke the spirit of the human target, make an animal sacrifice and command the target’s spirit to consume the animal’s life force as its blood spills. Then you dismiss the target back to his body. Also, animal sacrifice empowers any healing ritual that requires a great deal of force, such as healing a brain, heart, lungs, or something major. I’ve done this myself.
Now, if none of that is for you, can you get your hands on this person? If so, lay your right hand on him, get yourself into a deep focus, like a trance. Mentally call Raphael into you. Now see yourself filled and surrounded with either green or blue light. See that energy travel up your right arm and into the target, command healing “I command So-and-so’s brain to be healed, restored to full balance and health. I thank the Universe that he is healed. By the hand of Raphael and by the power of my own Divinity, he is healed.” Hold the visualization of the light for a minute and then see the brain being healed, even the microscopic cells being healed. Feel gratitude and joy for the healing and have the target give thanks as well.
Now, if that’s not possible either, my last advice is to use a clay effigy or a human-shaped candle, and let it stand in his place. Use the same process I just gave you while burning incense and blue candles. Except this time, anoint the effigy or candle with healing oil. Also, invoke/evoke Raphael or Marbas to assist you as you do this.
After you’ve done one of these things, continue the Raphael mantra given by @Lady_Eva for several days. Also, keep up the gratitude and visializations of him being healed.


@Raven_Maleficus, this is your first healing tip. More to come :grin:


Hi everyone, it’s to late unfortunately. The disease had already done it’s work on the brains. They try to keep him in.coma now untill he dies.
But many thanks for the tips

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I’m so sorry to hear that, @Borgy Consider lighting a candle to your deceased ancestors so they can guide him easily to the next stage of existence?

And go easy on yourself, sometimes things just can’t be changed for reasons we may not know at the time. I mean, that sucks, but it happens. :heart_decoration:


Hi @Lady_Eva, thanks. I thought the same thing. Sometimes things happen for a reason. You try but you get that message back. Gut feeling. I will do that. I have contact with our spiritual ancestor in dreams. They are the reason for my spirituality.

I’m going to miss him. Very friendly, loving and caring man.

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Hi everyone, my uncle passed away. I helped him by asking Lucifer and Arch Angels not to let him suffer. The connection never was stronger. Thank you Lucifer for your guidence and for being there when I need you.

@Lady_Eva thanks for everything to. And everyone who helped

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Sorry to hear that, hope your uncle is at peace!

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Thank you @chthonicmagus

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I have used this with success, feel free to modify as needed and please pass it on to anyone else who may need healing.

Be Blessed,

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