Could you help me identify the being that keeps appearing in my dreams?

For the last couple of months I kept seeing the same entity/spirit in my dreams, for the first couple of times I thought it was just some kind of coincidence or that the thing itself just got stuck in my subconscious due to it’s bizzare appearance.

All the dreams take place in a forest at night time where this thing keeps staring and me and tries to talk but it is as if it has no voice or I cannot hear it. It appears in the form of a very tall human with deer horns, eyes like a cat and the teeth of a lion with a snake like tongue. This being has large black wings on it’s back and his hands and feet have talons and in almost all of my dreams appears before a body of water, like a lake.

I’m wondering if anyone has any idea what these dreams could be or if this is a sign from some kind of spirit or entity. I’m open to any ideas regarding what this all could mean.

It’s not a manticore is it?

I’ve read in fiction about them being shifters, sometimes popular fiction takes on a life of its own, can be summoned and worked with etc.

Have you read or seen anything that might influence you?

If not it could be… anything- many types of entities can shift in dreams, including humans.

How are your Clair senses? I’ve noticed as mine have gotten better my dreams tend to be more vivid and I have better control.

If you are good on those and lucid dreaming, maybe try asking it to show you its name or what you should call it, maybe reach into your pocket and pull out a tablet or pencil and paper?

Divination or scans may give the essence of what it is or even identity the entity but it depends on the individuals ability to receive annd interpret and the entities willingness to share with them.

:blush: good luck with it, sounds interesting.

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Thank you for taking the time to provide such an insightful answer !
A manticore is an interesting opinion, especially since you don’t see them that often in the media or myths. I don’t really consume that much fantasy nowadays and especially not the kind that contains manticores. If I had to name a mythological beast that is more rooted in my subconscious I would have to say a dragon would be more fitting.

My senses are good altough not quite where I’d like them to be.
It might seem weird but at first I thought it might be some kind of dark aspect of the Horned God from Wicca, any thoughts on that ?

If it is of any help it reminded me of the wendigo from the Hannibal series structure wise, except it had human like long hair.

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Eh it looks familiar and yet it don’t.

Don’t loose hope though, I’ll shelve the questions a few days and see if I conjure any ideas out of the ether, I’m not sure why your case caught my attention, but interesting for sure.

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Thank you !

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