Could this be a sign from Glasya Labolas?

Long story short, I’ve been in a toxic relationship for several years now and I’ve finally made the decision to get out. It’s going to be complicated(I’m not in any danger though) and I have no idea how I’m going to do it yet, so I’ve been hesitating and just waiting to see if things will get better but I know it’s a lost cause. Anyway, I’ve been researching magickal ways to get rid of him(and throw in a pinch of punishment for all he’s put me through too), which specific demons which may be good for this, and I was thinking hard about Glasya Labolas last night. I know he’s a pretty serious demon to send after someone, but there has been so much gaslighting, lying, mental abuse, and just completely egregious disrespect from my boyfriend that I’m ready to bring out the big guns. I don’t want him dead, but I want him out of my life for good. I’ve broken up with him twice now but each time it only lasts a few weeks until he hoovers me back in. He’s got a hold on me(yay for trauma bonding) so I really need to make it stick this time.

I know 8 of wands is Glasya’s card. I have two phones, an iPhone and an old Android as a backup, and I have tarot apps on both which show a daily card. Today, my daily card was 8 of wands on both apps. These are completely different apps from different developers so I really don’t think this was just a coincidence. I’ve had these apps for years and I have NEVER seen both throw the same card on the same day before, much less the card of the demon I was researching the very night before. Could this be him trying to tell me he wants to help me? On top of that, I’ve felt a strong and growing connection to him lately as well, I keep looking him up and he pops into my mind a lot. I’m pretty sure this is a pretty decent sign but I still doubt myself from so many years of emotional abuse, so I would really love some thoughts.


It could be a sign from Glasya or it could be the manifestation of the energy that you have attracted with your thoughts about him.

Anyways, if you choosed to work with him, devote an altar for him if it’s possible and build the connection. An altar could mean just a small place with his favorite things and offerings if you want to leave him some.
So, when you continiously are building the connection with Glasya Labolas, sooner or later you will see some signs. It could take days, or week or two, but if he responds you, you’ll notice that for sure.


You said your breakups only last a couple weeks until he hoovers you back in , to me it sounds like you need to change something within yourself instead of asking a demon to harm him , for all you know he might think his actions are acceptable because you run back to him every time , now , we won’t be able to know if it’s a sign from that spirit , Lucifer is the emperor of the goetia , so ultimately my advice would be to make some offerings to him and he can help you choose a spirit for your needs , otherwise , primarily I’d advise making offerings to an Archangel , such as The Archangel Anael , she will bring good health and good things into your love life , but that is not the easy way out , she will make things hard so you will learn and be a better you , however , work with the infernal powers is the easy way out , as you will likely get what you want


Fair points. I definitely have some damage, before I got with this guy I had just gotten out of a very abusive relationship with a malignant narcissist about 8 months prior and I was at my lowest point in life. I hadn’t yet done therapy or any self-care work to heal from it, so I think I was just easy prey for the next predator. It was the standard “he did everything right until I fell in love, then the mask slipped and now I feel stuck” situation. He breadcrumbs the hell out of me, it’s like he knows when I’m mad at him and reaching my limit, then he’ll be super sweet again. It definitely doesn’t help that I’m a huge empath either, no matter how many times I get stung I keep picking up the damn scorpion cause I feel bad for it :exploding_head:

He knows his actions aren’t acceptable cause I’ve communicated till I’m blue in the face. He’ll be good for a while until he thinks he has me again, and then I’ll find out about something else he did or lied about and the cycle repeats. Find shit ~ fight ~ make up ~ be happy for a while ~ finally start to relax ~ then find more shit. He knows exactly what he’s doing, he just thinks I’m an idiot who’ll put up with it and honestly, that’s partially my fault cause I do keep coming back after I believe the crocodile tears. Another big thing that makes it so hard to stay gone is the fact that we work together too. Didn’t meet at work, but he helped me get a job there and we’re on the same shift & team too so I’ll have to interact with him at work after the breakup. I don’t think I would have gotten sucked back in if we didn’t work together. Finding another job is not really an option either, I was unemployed for a year before getting this one and the job market in my state is a joke. This job pays well enough that I went from on welfare to solid middle-class, plus I have a son to take care of too. Ugh, it just sucks all around.

I like both of your suggestions. I think I will make Lucifer some offerings and start listening. I looked up Archangel Aneal and she’s the angel of Capricorn, which is my sign so that’s kinda neat. Thanks!

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Capricorns are born warriors so you’ll succeed.
Deal with him, and I suggest you to focus on self healing and self love after, to find out why you attract such persons and to stop attracting them anymore.