Could the lucifer sigil be a thought form?

I read lucifer and the hidden demons book. The author says that the lucifer sigil is that of a thought form. The original sigil was different then the ones pushed on the internet.

Any thoughts?


I recall recently reading that all Sigils didn’t belong to the Spirits. They just adopted it because humans called to them via it.

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Yeah but the real sigil of Lucifer isn’t this one according to the book


And which one is it? The one from Dukante Hierarchy?
There is no real or fake… If it connects your with the entity, it’s legit. All sigils, same as enn’s were channelled from the entities to the practicioners. You can channel your own sigil, or even make one without channelling, test it and if it works, it works.
Don’t believe everything you read and don’t bother much with each one’s theories. I was reading recently that all gods of the underworld are thoughtforms. I’m sure they would be glad to know that a crazy dude considers them thoughtforms :slight_smile:


this circle is apparently lucifers true sigil


That looks familiar. What is is it? Grimorium verum? If yes then all these symbols you see are Lucifer’s. Not just the one inside the circle. And, really, just scrap that old book :grin:


That “circle” is taken from a specific grimoire. It doesn’t mean it is the only seal for Lucifer. There are many spirits who have multiple seals that can be used for summoning them. In the Goetia, for example, Seere has two different seals that can be used.

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The circle is from lucifer and the hidden dmons book. He said it was from another source. Abramelin the Mage I think.

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To be honest I know only about Abramelin’s magic squares, nothing else. I’m not working with such old practices.
But who says that his is the “real” sigil anyway, he did what Solomon did, called the angels to provide him with ways to bind and command the demons.
I say use whatever sigil you feel more comfortable with. The result is the same.

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I’ve worked with Lucifer eight years now and I can tell you that the first sigil is his, it’s not a thoughtform


That (v looking) sigil is the one that’s most popular and certainly connected to the real Lucifer. There are others that work equally well and probably some that work even better

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Ever heard of, the rites of Lucifer? There are 15 sigils of him in that book, channeled too by the temple of the ascending flame.
But still the first one in this thread you will find in the book.

It’s not a thought form. It’s Lucifer. You can feel the energy. If he knows you it can be overwhelming. And make changes in your life (if you work for it). These changes are life changing, not that of a thoughtform.


To further explain, I’ll use this analogy.

Think of sigils as phone numbers, to contact the Spirit.

A spirit can have many sigils attributed with that spirit.

Some possessing different qualities only evoking certain masks, aspects of forms of the entity while others do the full thing.

Think of it like this for example, I have two phones one a Huawei, the other an iPhone.
One I just use for my friends, family and free time fun.

The other I mostly keep for the bank, finances, work out regimes, business contacts etc.

Two different numbers however I’m the same person.

Just like Azazel, Belial, Beezlebub, Lilith and loads more have more than one sigil.


I need your help.
I am looking for the Gabrihel sigil that’s looks similar to the Circular Letter sigil of Lucifer.

the first Time I found that sigil was in the sword of moses or something like that, not Tehodore Rose’s Lucifer and the Hidden Demons or alike. the circle with letters.