Could I Get An Opinion Fellow Magicians

Could someone look into my being and tell me if I would make a powerful magician? Can you sense my potential??? I will be with mercy or guilt… Sell my soul I will… I give you my date of birth 01/02/1974 (American Way)…

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Thinks his soul he will sell.Much learning he has to do.
(That was my Yoda impression in case anyone missed that…)

Spooky, i wonder why people think that there is some currency called soul that you can sell… i mean i don’t say its entirely impossible, i just don’t have any prove of this.

I’m frankly doing a 180 on this because my Uncle appears to have done it, and the fact is he’s helped me already with quite a few things and was able to manifest a result (by existing means, but unlikely) so…

On the one hand I want to join the consensus “this is dumb,” but without any of the bellyaching we go into about what was actually an ancient god who just for a bad rep, he gave his soul to the Prince of Darkness for long life, success, and power, and he got all 3, lived to a great old age looking decades younger, and then was still strong enough to 1. contact his nearest living blood relative who might be at all into the same kind of thing and 2. lay out his plan for his own future as a demonic entity. He wasn’t short of money, either.

Oh, and he doesn’t like angelic names or anything round him while he’s here.



Contradicts the pagan-style idea that all “demons” are just spirits?

Hell yeah!

But he did it, and while I can’t upload proof because he has living children & grandchildren who don’t know about this stuff, I give you my absolute word that this flies in the face of how I was viewing these things, and yet he got amazing results, so, whatever… the more we learn, the less we “know” it seems. :wink:

I’ve been doing some meditations and contacting some spirit,to improve my ability to recognize,feel and manipulate energy.I want to reach a point,where,for example,I enter a room,and vampirize off of a bunch of people,and I’m immediately able to tell all sorts of things about them,just by the way they feel.

Of course,even without eating people,it’s handy to know differences in energies,and while I can easily recognize entities,and such,I am learning how to do this with people,among other things.So,I would be willing to soul travel to you,and tell you how your energy feels,once I hone these skills more.

It will be a fun experiment,for sure.