Could Chakra blockages stop you from getting into crossroads

I have trying to get into a rapture state and into the crossroads, but no matter what I do I cannot do it. I tried too as a kid and it was a matter of time not a matter of if back then, now I can’t do it to save my life! It’s frustrating as I have been trying since my junior or senior year of high school and have now been out for 3 years. It really slows me down spiritually and I can’t advance very far without being able to get into a deeper state for spirit communication. I know a pagan community on campus that may be able to help me, but they are all RHP, I don’t have a problem with that I just wanted to see if anyone knows if a chakra blockage may be causing this.

Edit: Its important to point out I cannot get into the rapture state as well.Just TGS.


What methods have you tried?

The easiest, and simultaneously hardest, method is sleep deprivation. Shoot for 4-5 days without sleep, and add a fast if you want to hit the deep states even harder.

This is a traditional way of entering deep states for spirit communication.

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5 days straight, christ, I suppose I could put vacation days in at work and try it. Thank you.

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Work with Lord Kiltan to help you get to the rapture state and the crossroads. I suspect it’s faulty subconscious programming in your case. :wink: LK is fantastic for changing the subconscious programming. He’s found in the Book of Azazel, and no, you won’t need to get to a rapture state or the crossroads. You can get into a relaxed state, quiet your mind, and open his sigil then call him. He’ll come.

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What sort of subconscious programming can one ask of him? Would even small things such as changes in one’s world view as to avoid being depressed by the reality be acceptable requests?

Witches often smoke mullein at the crossroads in honour of Hecate and in order to deepen their experiences.

If you truly feel you are blocked, that is enough to block you. I began doing some deep ritualing with Hecate and Lucifer to break my blockages and get over the past trauma that is creating them. I am calling it an expose the pain ritual as some of my shadows are so heavily buried I don’t even know what they are.

If you had success as a youth and you don’t now, what baggage have you picked up that could be blocking you? What haven’t you healed? What have you suppressed?

I often think the idea of “aligning your chakras” is a simplification and is overrated. Focusing on them and ringing some bells isn’t really going to help you push forward, not until you truly confront what is holding you back.

Go to a reiki healer. Get the needed work done, it will probably set you back $60 bucks, unless you find a reiki share to attend or associate or trade services with a practioner. Disregard there belief systems in the same way I completely disregard the religious inclinations of the various vendors I interact with. I use reiki daily. Its a great tool to healand rebalance yourself. Many uses.

Anything you want. LK and his demons are very powerful. If you can give him the idea of what you want, he can do it. But it takes time for ideas to be implanted into your mind, depending on how much resistance there is or old programming there is to be replaced, how long the old programming has been ruling you for, etc. You will need to participate as well by being mindful and doing what you need to do in the physical world.

For example, if you wanted to quit smoking, LK would implant the required ideas and suggestions indefinitely, but you’d need to keep affirming and viewing yourself as a non-smoker, and get whatever medical help you can to kick the habit, then actually kick the habit. See what I mean?

To stop being depressed, you’d need to flip your worldview upside down. I’ve had to do this. LK can help you with that too. But you need to do the work as well.