Cosmic Sound as a Gate to Claraudience?


So I’ve made my first scrying mirror tonight, and am anxious to start using it. I’ve browsed through our friends’ posts here and observed that CLARAUDIENCE may be a tad more difficult to master than any other psychic supersense.
Thing is, I’ve got this funny ability to hear a kind of Cosmic sound in my ears since I was a child, it gets stronger and more complex, with different layers much like a symphony when I focus on it, or when I meditate or involve in different energy practices. I trained with it for a while but without guidance and direction I got nowhere in the process.
My question for you more experienced practitioners is, how do you think I could use it to develop Claraudience?

Thanks so much…


I am curious about this also. I have always been able to “see” the spirits but not much luck hearing them and I would like to improve that. Messages come to me as a thought or a knowing not so much as a sound.


When you are hearing the spirits in a thought form then you are communicating… If this is how you are able to receive a transmission then the actual sound is not necessary… I have been able to literally hear as well as listening to the thought… In my experience the thoughts of the spirit or entity does come thru as a voice with its own depth, pitch and tone… Azesiel is this how you hear the spirits as well? I’d you are successfully communicating then is it just a curiosity to feel how it is to actually hear another voice?

777C… You say they are layered sounds… And that it comes thru for you like music… Am I understanding this correctly? Why do you think you hear comic sounds? What is the importance of the noise? And how can it be used to translate to an understandable thought or feeling? Perhaps once you are able to merge all the sounds together there may be a voice soon to follow… Or perhaps you may try to separate each sound until you are able to hear an audible voice… I would like to hear a little bit more about your experience to better understand what is happening… When does this type of thing occur? During evocation? During meditation? And have you tried to communicate with a spirit when you are positive that one is present… Does the cosmic sounds still occur? More, less, intensify or diminish…


I don’t remember when I started hearing it, it is only later I found out what it can be. Of course it could be nothing special, maybe just tinnitus. Yoga tradition says it can be the Cosmic sound, the ripples of the First Creating Word.
It is constant, but it intensifies when I do any spiritual practice ~ I just wondered if I can put it to some good use with evocation.


I believe I resonate with the sense of sound (which is a bit different than ringing, or even tones so to speak)- and beyond above comments: it can be used to awaken another “thinking-mind” and that ringing-pressure can not just intensify, but expand into “mind-space” or into “concrete-space” (ie around the body… into ‘temple’ and beyond)…and seem to change shape and form “as a type of movement” (but not with “self-talking” thinking, with a similiar knowing that moves one’s fingers, or eyebrows, etc…- the more you can dive into that mind and let it learn to move… like “learning to walk” -it starts with flailing about like a “toddler”… but unfolds

But what you might add to what you have been doing I referenced in another post I just made- where EA speaks about “Scrying INTO the voice of the spirit”… ride that wave back out, and thus ride it INward deeper into your awareness…

 ---i find trying to feel-sense downward in the body- awakens other areas and can indirectly trigger flow in the spinal fluid pressure... and thus balance out the pressure- not to unbalance all in the head- but also allowed to sink   (a part of the ring can be from cerebral-spinal Fluid pressure in Occiput base-of-skulll and thus changing the sound is releasing those internal-physical structures and lets the "brain" and associated electrical-systems adjust  (antennae morphing to reach "other-radio-frenquencies" and thus make contact with other "senders"...    )


When it first starts (when your scrying) Do you feel a pressure in your head? Its almost like a ear popping feeling and really distracts me. I also hear a lot of cracking and almost a vibrating sound very hard to meditate on that shit. Its always when the mirror looks like grey cloudy flame patterns and then wham my ears and fucking forehead feel like there about to pop. And that’s when things get difficult.


i’ll assume everyone here has seen this, as i’ve noticed Eric Pepin mentiod already on the forum.

“The Higher Balance Method” Improve Brain Power, Increase Intelligence: Ringing ears?

from my own undisciplined approach to this method, i’ve noticed significant amount of “revelations” i had… one of which is that this method must be incorporated in my daily praxis.


Bahamurat, thanks much!I missed this, and it’s exactly what I was looking for