Cosmic orgasm

When I first took a glass of wine, I got a buzz. I learned to get that buzz without alcohol. I would rev my whole body, by thinking about it. Also running cosmic energy (prana, life force, gold/white light) I would get the same buzz, then rev up even more by thinking about it. This could last for hours if I wanted it to. (Wears out the ‘insides’). Physical demanding.
Running energy in a meditation class, a psychic says to me, “You’re revved to high. Turn it down.” I did not tell him what I was doing.
Falling asleep one night while revving, I woke up to a bliss in the base chakra, and vibrations running ‘’‘invulantarily’’’ through my forearms. It stopped in 20 seconds upon waking. Another time I woke to a ticklish blish rising up my spine, over the head and to the heart. I woke up in that instant. Nice sensation, but too strong. Drive me insane or kill me if I t kept going. I had a lucid dream where the bliss was in the neck. I could wake up and it would fade. I could fall back asleep and it would increase. Too strong one time. This lasted a minute or so. Then I woke up to go to a class.
Running energy in a meditation class one time, 2 hours sleep, 5 hour energy drink, caffeine overload, a vibration rushed my spine. It took a couple of seconds. Almost passed out.
One night during a lucid dream I headed out of my body head toward the feet. Gentle bliss feeling. When my head touched my feet I woke up. (Damn it). One time during sleep I saw what I thought was the 4th dimension. Seeing everywhere at once. Third eye episode. Did not catch myself fast enough on this. Woke up in a second or so.
So I know experientially that these events, and phenomena are real. Most would call me nuts. But some of us know better.
But then they are half right about me, for a different reason.
Running grounding or earth energy, and/or vibrating my spine before falling asleep puts me to sleep. Life force energy keeps me (and most people from what I have heard) awake.
Grounding or earth energy is dense and can also hurt you. The psychic school said that also. I learned almost the hard way.
90 percent life force. 10 percent ground energy is a safe guideline for most situations. The school gives that percentage.
Breathing in the elements of earth, water, fire, air, and quintessence can cause me to be figity. So I run the white/gold life force and it strengthens me immediately. Anyway, this is my experience.
So I can say that this stuff is for real. And I have only scratched the bare surface.

Meditation States are said to be better than an orgasm and I must agree to that

Just curiosity, why you say “must agree”?

Just curiosity, why you say “must agree”?[/quote]

Because after experiencing the opening of my heart chakra, that was an experience quite much better and satisfactory than any physical orgasm (imagine feeling an orgasm throughout all your body from feet to head, not only your genitals, that’s it. And imagine not getting exhausted after a good orgasm, but feeling repleted with joy, energy and calmness, that’s it)

I totally agree with that, I experienced it as well…
just the use of “must” sounds a bit like being forcibly pushed to agree…

Oh, not my native language, I might have used should, just I was exposing my experience related to the subject.

G. I. Joe great cartoons

[quote=“YogaApprentice, post:6, topic:1931”]Oh, not my native language, I might have used should, just I was exposing my experience related to the subject.

G. I. Joe great cartoons[/quote]


Loved G.I.Joe as a child, didn’t quite catch up the movies so far, but found out Cobra… I TOTALLY love faceless masks! I’m actually figuring our how to build it!

Yes that kind of mirror mask looks great, id also want to get one

I’ve been trying some guided chakra activation meditations,but never experienced something like what you guys are describing.I can feel my chakras expanding and spinning somewhat,but that’s about it.Could someone post some exercises,meditations,or even rituals to help with this?