Cortisol - the Resistance Hormone


So then why bother being a doctor and trying to help people ,if one is gonna be accused of being a murderer, just because ONE got bonkers and decided to kill…

Touche, but it doesn’t hurt to remind people to please be safe. Not sure why making a post ensuring that people are safe has caused all of this.


What non-qualitative research models work when assessing mood?

“There is not known research (that I have found) that actually links different type of moods with biochemical levels” - so, no research exists that links biochemical factors like blood or brain levels of serotonin, dopamine, alcohol, cannabis, ecstacy (street drug) or ANY other chemical whatsoever with mood?


Not really! :laughing:

What, from watching a YouTube video?

In that case, you should contact YouTube, not the person posting the links to it.



So then why bother trying to learn about health and ways to help oneself, if if one is gonna be accused of being a murderer, just because - well actually I don’t think the material posted has a death count like old Harry, but y’know.

I hope my point about generalising from the specific rare example to the majority is made, though?

Because you wrote this:

And that is just fucked up, sorry, but that attitude has fucked more human lives than any amount of half-assed amatuers trying to research what is best for their health. :thinking:


Probably because of the aggressive tone of it and it has carried on beyond a reminder. Just my view of it though.

Also keep in mind the mental and emotional realms are separate from the physical body so anything that creates a reaction there is psychological in a fashion. Trying to quantify something that can’t be quantified adds more confusion. The mind and emotions will change to any stimulus even the color of clothes you wear and again a lot more dangerous stuff is on the forum in just the category for evocation than the risk of someone exerting enough effort to poison themselves. If they do that well natural selection in my opinion.

I think this is getting out of control.


I feel people are missing his point.

In the medical field this is a gray area. It does not yet have a place to be implemented into occult science, this is to avoid integrating misinformation into occult practice. We get enough of that already.


To clarify the situation a little further,
i’m currently handling magically a case,
where both cancer and multiple organ failure are already present in the patient.

So, my reseurch is aimed at a specific outcome,
and if need be,
i hereby declare this post to be ready for swipe (being closed / deleted) within 2 month, today being 17.04.2019

So that should take care of the mis-information concern you had.

I need to look into that specific co-relation of Hormonic activity,
because her Organ Failures destroyed her regular Hormon function.

In order to fix it,
i first need to understand it.

I did understand, that you feel hurt,
and don’t value to give information regarding the actual co-relation.

So please,
feel free to ignore this topic for 2 month.

You can then check if you want to mask it for deletion, @NoxLotus.

Some of it posted by people like me. :wink:




Maybe, but a robust debate happens sometimes, no-one is being threatened or insulted. :man_shrugging:


Can you keep me up to date on this research and your efforts in this case? Such healing magick is an interest of mine.


According to NoxLotus, i’ve astrally attacked him,
so my defense must have activated,
however, Yberion tells me everything is fine,
and he didn’t rise.




Dear Nemesis,

look, the case is quite private,
and quite difficult at the same time.

I’m performing a grand rite,
since a couple of weeks it’s ongoing.

In order to even get the patient to accept treatment,
the disease first became shockingly evident to herself.

She’s having several methastases of Breast cancer.
Kidneys, Liver and other Organs are malfunctioning.
Liver and kidney basically stopped functioning completely in between,
and are now getting a little better.

I’m very careful with the actions i take,
however, she’s been very close to die several times already.

The Doctors and physicists clearly show,
that they consider it impossible,
or not worth the try,
to save her,
and get her well.

Very recently,
a decades long conflict,
which massively framed her personality,
was destroyed / solved.

I need understanding of the Cortisol functioning system,
because that mental changes must be watched carefully.

As well as adjusted,
by need.

And i can only do a proper job,
if i understand what i’m doing there.




I may have been rude and I personally do apologise to you or any other user who have felt offended.

I haven’t got anything personal against your post, I just wanted to remind people to be physically safe when performing magical arts which could relate to the physical body. Some people might be tempted to by illegally stuff that can be truly damaging to the body.

Well, I felt a small attack, which could have been as you say, maybe an energetic defense mechanism. No worries then, I will not take it into consideration. I was surprised someone would consciously get angry to the point of consciously attacking someone on the astral. I mean, we are responsible adults.


Also, I got extremely confused fast lmao.

I will add some things I believe in that I´ve found to be effective in my life dealing with fear and cortisol as well as normal improvement of my daily life.

I believe after diet, exercise, posture, and visualization play vital roles psychologically and physiologically on how one´s body is affected by stress and how well it is able to deal with it.

Body Posture - This sets one in a different state of mind and (IMHO) the astral and energetic bodies, (the evidence Lady Eva provided me was new). I also see this as setting yourself as in a slightly different parallel reality (small changes such as mannerisms matter, ¨as above so below¨). I see power posing as a sort of channel for the intended emotion. Confidence has never been easier when you are walking around like a fooking superhero.
Related image

Meditation/Mindfulness - Being able to control and adjust one´s thought and negative thinking is crucial (probably why it is so revered in spiritual and scientific bodies), it grows the gray matter in your brain and decreases parts of your brain associated with fear and depression.

Visualization - Also known as image training, visualization has been used by many to simulate different scenarios, doing this triggers your nervous system as if it was actually happening. Its practice with no downsides, with each visualization run through the practitioner, becomes more and more aligned with reality and image of how they want the event or situation to go.

Visualization and mindfulness/meditation are commonly used together, but for an added bonus practice you mannerisms and body language in your image training and in the mirror as you practice.

Also if you wanna get REALLY in control of your reptilian brain I´d recommend cold training and Wim Hoff breathing. I have not dedicated myself enough to give a full…report for the breathing, but the cold therapy is awesome.

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