Cortisol - the Resistance Hormone

Dear Balg,

Some of you may know about this already.

Please contribute.

  • Cortisol.

Stress Hormone.

Builds inner resistance.

Is adverserial.

Is induced by being subject to Testosterone…

In Social Structures, high rank equals low Cortisol and high Testosterone,
while Low Status equals low Testosterone,
simultaneously with high Cortisol.

Now, these are unconfirmed statements i make here.

While i explain it,
my dad explains otherwise.

It also affects overthinking,
emotional Stability,

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No, no and no. All Wrong. Please don’t write about health subjects without professional or academic knowledge.
You don’t know who is reading, and who could potentially get hurt by these misinformed posts.


would you mind, sharing your correct view then?

Besides, i usually - like here:

give a Note when something isn’t to be taken at face Value.

However, it is something i reseurch about,
and regardless of “academic” knowledge,
it does matter to what i currently work on.

So please,
don’t tell me what to cut out of a post,
without telling me your actual own view.

@SHaDoWSToRM696 Thank you, for your god post. :slight_smile:




Ref: slouching, in general?

1823 - “Amanda, stop slouching, no man likes a hunchback!”

Amanda - “Yes mama.” Stops slouching, has 8 kids, wins at Darwin and dies with a BMI under 25.

1965: “Slouch, man, let it all hang out!”

2019: “Hi, I’m Amanda, please sign me up to this expensive class on strengthening my core muscles aged 39, I took out a loan for gym membership because my back hurts so much, even though my six cats will miss me!”


I am not gonna turn a thread about magic in an occult forum into a medical endocrine thread. I just wsnt you to bear in mind that your persinal opinions can hurt others or indirectly lead them tl omit their treatment or to reacht reatment illegally.
The pituitary gland is not related to psychology unless there is a tumour pressing around the hypophysis , pressing the optic chiasma (and its emotional repercussion of becoming blind) or having an stablished endocrine condition (or hormone misuse) in which some hormones like testosterone are pathologically raised, increasing abnormal aggressive behaviour.

Ah, and please fucking grow up and instead of pathetically throwing a tantrum and trying to attack me astrally, learn how to accept that there are gonna be people who disagree with you. Next time I won’t only defend myself. I am not pleasant when angry.


Whoah easy there, no-one was telling members they must abandon conventional medicine or anything.

The link between pituitary disorders and psychological symptoms is longstanding and robust, beginning as early as 1913 when Dr. Harvey Cushing noted that many disturbances in mood and cognition remained among his endocrine patients even after “successful” treatment and the restoration of normal hormone levels. Psychiatric disorders comorbid with pituitary disease include depression, anxiety, panic disorder, mood lability, anger, hostility irritability, fatigue, loss of libido, sexual dysfunction, neurocognitive impairment, insomnia, body image issues, low self‐esteem, impaired social function, social withdrawal, and motivational difficulties.


No wonder the saying- ’ Sport like Ballad dance and science like medical science '. Something is obviously wrong with both this. Specially the Nutrition section .


That was not the trigger. The trigger was that he pathetically has tried to attack me astrally. I don’t get aggressive unless someones tries to attack me. I actually accept the fact that there are people with different opinions, and even though I may disagree, I don’t go around attacking people.

Please don’t confuse symptoms of an endocrine disease (objective biochemically and measurable) with the emotional and psychological impact of suffering due to a disease (personal perception and detriment on mental health due to being ill).
Yes, of course there is a clear emotional impact with all concomitant physical diseases, but that does not medically associate them with the symptoms of the illness itself.

You may have cardiac problems, and due to that, feel that your quality of life is rubbish and therefore get depression. That doesn’t mean that cardiac problems CAUSE depression.


I have a very healthy heart.

So are you saying blood circulation and oxygen levels carried by a failing heart have NO effect on mood, ever? That seems a bit unlikely, given the brain’s sensitvity to minor changes.

If endocrine things donit affect the psyche, I guess PMS isn’t a thing at all and male dogs who are castrated for aggression are just reading too much internet?

I can’t comment on that, I moderate the forum not the astral. :no_mouth:


The SpO2 will affect the brain, causing hypoxemia and hypoxia. It doesn’t affect the mood, but will cause light headedness confusion, or even hallucinations. Not sure what point are you trying to make with that. No relation at all.

That has do with high levels of testosterone, how it affects aggressive behaviour like territoriality. In this case the testosterone causes the behavioural changes, not the opposite way.

The ovulation cycle changes the level of hormones, due to the corpus luteum decreasing levels of progesterone. The PMS specifically is a tricky syndrome, as there isn’t a known mechanism for it to cause alterations within the brain. If it causes it, it is not proven YET, but they believe it has something to do with serotonin.

Regardless, the post was about cortisol and testosterone, not about the rest of the hormones.
Lack of cortisol (due to potential adrenal insufficiency, either due to pituitary cause, exogenous cause or adrenal cause) can cause fatigue. Also, the person will collapse if they receive bad news due to the lack of ability of the body to adapt to a stress stimulus. That doesn’t mean that emotionally there are mechanisms involved.

On the other side, we have mentions of sociology and endocrinology, and personally, even within the medical community there is a discrepancy about what is going on.
Posting something like this in a non medical forum where there could potentially be people with endocrine problems and/ or treatment could affect their perception about it due to misinformation, which then causes a lot of shit that health professionals have to fix. Misinformation KILLS.

I didn’t expect you to do it, but then please do not get shirty when users do not tolerate being attacked.

I do not want to make fights, I just want to raise awareness that regardless of the opinions, we all have personal responsibility for what we post, potentially misleading people into hurting themselves

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This is true of everything posted here from mundane things to Evocation. This is probably one of the safer posts next to these misinformation on some magical arts that if someone with some amount of potential screws up could be a problem for more than that individual that can’t he fixed by mundane science. It is perhaps fair to spread your warning to any magical post beyond the bare bones basic.

This does seem rather basic information and a lot safer than most things. Harder to get hold of hormones than it is to summon the wrong kind of pissed off spirit.

Effects of acute mild and moderate hypoxia on human mood state.

Li XY1, Wu XY, Fu C, Shen XF, Wu YH, Wang T.

Author information



To explore the effects of acute mild and moderate hypoxia on human mood state.


The mood states of 18 healthy male volunteers were evaluated by self-assessment questionnaires, profile of mood state (POMS) and state anxiety inventory (S-AI) after random exposure to simulated altitude of 300 m (control), 2800 m, 3600 m and 4400 m for 1 h in a hypobaric chamber.


The data at 300 m level were taken as the baseline control. The negative mood state factor points (tension, fatigue etc.) increased gradually as the altitude level increased while V (vigor-activity) points had a tendency to decrease (P<0.05 or P<0.01). No significant difference was found in the points of (D, A) even under exposure to 4400 m (P>0.05). At the early period of 2800 m exposure the tension points of POMS and S-AI scores were higher than those of control level (P<0.05) then dropped to baseline level when exposure to this altitude for 1 h.


Exposure to acute mild hypobaric hypoxia at 2800 m for 1 h has adverse effect on mood state of healthy person and the negative effect was further aggravated with the increment of altitude level.

Yes, that was the point I was making, with regards to this:

Specifically, that endocrine imbalances of various kinds affect mood. You (re-)made that point for me as well in last reply. :+1:

So thanks for confirming non-medics like me, have correct information. :man_shrugging:

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@Lady_Eva @anon47923162 Wish could contribute to this discussion but my knowledge of medical science only goes upto this song

Only gonna say this about postures determining physical chemical changes and thus change in moods – In Hatha Yoga it is said certain posture will direct one’s energy in the astral body in a particular way and thus affecting his chemical composition in his body and thus the type of thought he will have at that time and his mood also.

A good Hatha yoga teacher who knows mystical aspect of it too can easily tell what is happening in his mind/body just by looking at his posture of body and what posture he unconsciously holds on to. ( By posture I don’t mean asana, just how he stands , holds his hand etc ) . Body is deeply connected with the mind.


Without medical knowledge it will be easier to misinterpret that knowledge and get to wrong choices. I appreciate that you like to read about these subjects FROM proper medical databases, but not everyone will do that.

That is qualitative research performed almost 20 years ago, which makes it lose evidence strength. It is an emic approach, not an etic approach. No blood tests or other quantitative tests were measured. This proved my point.

You are trying to make this into a personal fight maybe because you got offended by my comments. As I said before, I am trying to avoid people making poor choices that could affect their health. Instead, you are trying to prove that you are a very health conscious person. Well, good for you. That doesn’t change the danger of this thread.

Also behaviour and emotion are two different concepts with very different connotations, even though they are slightly intrinsically related.

I am so not…

What factors dictate behaviour in many situations?

Am I going to punch someone I feel loving and kind towards?

Am I going to hug someone I feel intolerably angry towards, and full of disgust?

Post something more recent that counters those conclusions? Chronic long-term hypoxia, not exercise. :wink:

I have moar:

As far as I am aware, “chronic” does not mean “exposure of 1h”, as per the previous study you attached :

That’s what I mean when I say that people without medical training can misunderstand information. Also, again, as I said, it was qualitative research, not quantitative, so it is not 100% accurate.

On the last study you have posted about hypoxia and inactivity, again, even though they measure hipoxia with SpO2 parameters, they only measure the mood with the POMS-SF is a 37-item self-evaluation , which is, again qualitative research.

There is not known research (that I have found) that actually links different type of moods with biochemical levels and potential pathological parameters.

It depends on lots of factors, including the cognitive capacity of the person to assess a situation, which can be compromised with certain illnesses. Not saying that there is NO relationship at all, but again, being misinterpreted.

Not sure what point are you trying to make. You will go to sleep happy about this, but then, someone without knowledge will read this, misinterpret it and take poor choices, ending up in A&E or even dead. It has happened before.

Also, questions - can we share that drinking a glass of water after doing magickal work is good, or is that nutritional advice, and can we share that going for a walk is good, or do we need to tell people to consult a physician before taking any phsyical activity?

I am not trying to be a dragon here with replies, but we have already got T&Cs that state nothing here is medical or psychological advice, etc., and this is not the only site on the internet, so if people get jumped on for posting links, which can be rationally researched, where are we left?

To the limitations of our own GP, who is in most situations the portal and gatekeeper of all other medical info and referrals?

In the UK, the most prolific mass-murderer we have ever seen WAS a GP!


i didn’t act astrally, must have been my defense lashing out.

I’m sorry about it,
i wasn’t aware of it activating.

However, since you didn’t bring more to the table,
i woun’t take it in, to stop the Topic.

Regarding my awareness,
of the riple’s of my actions…

I’m known for several years,
to be well aware and strategic,
with my workings.

In regards to Endocrine system not having to do with magick,
you may actually enjoy learning a little more.