Correct sigil for Azazel

Which is the correct sigil for Azazel to be used with the BOA?
Thanks in advance


Use the one EA listed…
I remember someone here asked a question about the sigil for Saturn being so close to Azazel’s and could it be the same…?

Do not use that for Azazel’s sigil…when I asked Azazel about this connection, he began roaring laughter…really loud…saying tell him to do a background search on the attributes of that, and you can see it does not match…He really enjoyed that…so make sure you do not mistake that one for his.


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Where is that listed please

Evoking Eternity page 155

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Thanks, that’s the one I am using.

I have seen what is claimed to be an Assyrian sigil for Azazel. Is this authentic? Does anyone know the source for this, whether ancient or modern?
Thanks in advance

I can’t comment specifically on this instance but its common for spirits to give out more personal sigils to those they work with. I have been given one by Martal from KoF which is infinitely more useful than the version printed in the book.

pg 155 and 118 has a good run down on Azazel. Also i found in a older show called Supernatural they use the same sigil for Azazel. Very interesting most people don’t know that directors in the entertainment industry are in the know so to speak. Hense why they call it Hollywood. The ancient Driud priest used wood from a holly tree to direct the flow of energy they were projecting. People don’t realize how deep the rabbit hole really goes. Hollywood is many things and fluffy isn’t one of them. See Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut…

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Hahahahaha… Now should I buy EA’s complete works or the complete box set of supernatural DVD’s to aid in my ascent?

[quote=“Brutus, post:9, topic:536”]Hahahahaha… Now should I buy EA’s complete works or the complete box set of supernatural DVD’s to aid in my ascent?[/quote] i think books hahahahah lol.

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