Copying / drawing sigils

Apologies in advance if this has already been asked.

When copying a sigil, how accurate does it have to be?

I drew Duke Sallos sigil today, it’s obviously not perfect but is it good enough?


You should follow the initial design when approaching and establishing a repose/relationship, but intention and focusing on the spirit is what really matters here, not the accuracy of the lines. If it was absolute accuracy, then, nobody but the original magicians who came up with the seals would have success conjuring them xD Don’t be so hard on yourself, it looks fine. Just go with it. Who knows, in meditation or communication you might be guided to a whole new seal for the spirit. ^.^


Great thanks @Ryce. Makes sense!


To paraphrase EA, from his book Works of Darkness, “every line doesn’t have to be perfect, as long as it is recognizable as the seal of the spirit.”


How do you find out what sigils mean? When you have been shown them?

That’s a question I often wonder. Take Aim AKA Harborym Hrborym Aini Aym.

The sigil I swear looks like 3 versions of the bow (modern compound, British longbow, and Asian shortbow). I’d swear. The name AIM makes me believe the spirit is one for marksmanship, hitting the target, or accuracy in anything).

The description, pictures, don’t follow that at all.

Seals, sigils look fantastic but the meaning is still cryptic to me.

I should note one on display:


That looks amazing!! Well done friend!!