Copy of Necromantic Sorcery for sale

I am selling Dante Abiel’s Necromantic sorcery: Forbidden Rites of Death Magick for 200$

Tell me if interested and I will list it on eBay

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Why so expensive? Did you buy it for $200 as well?

That’s actually one of the best prices I have seen for that book.

I was contemplating of whether or not to take it down to $100. 200 is a steal compared to the prices I have witnessed on eBay.

the rare book on ebay is very high over $500. The book is good but it also tells you a lot of dark rituals that you may not actually because of the dark nature of them and some are illegal (in this country). $100-200 if you have an interest go for it, but the ebay prices are very high.

I will give you the money you request as well as any other michael w ford book or 2 ea koetting books for free just for having such a great deal
Reach me at [email protected]

please see my comment

Seeing as origional post was 3 years ago id say chances are unlikely.

I own a copy of the deluxe edition if anyone is interested. Pm me with an offer if interested.