Convo with satan

So I don’t remember too much on our convo but it was just advice I needed., I remember quite a big chunk of it though. I’m doing this six month satanic spiritual warfare program I found a long time ago on joy of Satan, so I had this vibe all of the sudden I don’t need to start from square one and do the trance work I’m ready to jump to my chakras!

I wanted to ask the man himself what he thinks I should do. So I got my scrying mirror and it was about 2 am, I went outside into my backyard.

I greatly relaxed
Stared into the mirror:

Me: father satan…father satan come
I said this about a good 3 4 times then I felt the air get very think already and I was looking around cause I could see energy shaking all over my backyard then all of the sudden I hear

“Look down at the mirror….”

I look down and I see a face staring back at me. I just knew deep inside I reached him. This energy I was feeling was so intense.

Me: “It’s been a while father…”

Satan: indeed it has child *laughs I see you grown since the last time we spoke, I like what I see…

Me: I have a few questions and I need your advice on what I should do…

Satan: well go on child speak, *smiles, then it’s off to bed with you it’s very late.

Me: so I am doing this program and I’m sure you seen me writing in my journal, ofc I hear your wonderful advice as I’m writing.

Satan: why yes son beautiful hand writing…(don’t remember what else he said here but he was complimenting me and my writing skills)

Me: thank you father! So, I wanted to hear if you think I should start from square one and do some more visualization exercises and practice going into a deep trance-

Satan: now now, as great as repetition is in gaining practice, I feel you can move on now….

(The rest I forgot completely)

So this morning I started working on my third eye for starters and we will see how far I grow, I know he has a lot of high hopes for me😅

In regards to the gate keepers I do feel I am making progress I got finished with belial now I’m on amaymon


Damn, you’re being complimented on writing and I get dreams of handwriting practice :joy: It was awesome reading this.

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Lol, it’s always nice when you havnt spoke to a deity in a while and you finally meet back with him, see I hear lucifer constantly he’s always guiding me like if I do something I feel is wrong and I’m worried I’ll get in trouble I’ll hear

“You’re not gonna get in trouble my son”

But satan its like he’s only there when I need him lol