Convince someone to be kind or manipulate a situation

Who can I ask for help to this situation?

Our best friend shot himself a few weeks back. My spouse does not care for and even blame his late best friend’s wife for the death. The funeral service is tomorrow. I can’t attend. If my husband becomes a cold ass hole at the funeral and ignores the late friend’s spouse, she will take their son and disappear from everyone’s life.

We love our late friend’s son. She wants us to be a part of the kid’s life. But currently, my spouse is being completely uncaring. Doesn’t even want to attend the service of his late best friend.

Which demon can I ask for help to get my husband to be more caring, more understanding, maybe even play nice with his late best friend’s wife so that we can continue to spend time with his late best friend’s son?

We don’t have children, my spouse will probably regret it; if out of anger and this grieving process of his best friend’s suicide, that he can lose contact with his late best friend’s 2 year old son forever.

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You could petition a Cthonic Deity to bring your husband’s friend to him in a dream to reason with him. Hecate or Hel would likely be game for that.

You can try any spirit , but I wouldn’t advise it in this case , as people usually have guardian angels , try The Archangel Michael

I will try. The only problem is…having been married for the past 15+ years, he always says he doesn’t dream and has yet to say he had such and such dream. And if he dreams, he NEVER recall them.

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Paimon can help you convince him to do what you want. The power works through conversation, so you’ll have to talk to him about it after you do the ritual.

There is also Dantalion, who can influence his thoughts and feelings directly. Perhaps his love for you can overpower his other feelings.

Everyone grieves differently, and he may be resisting attending the funeral to keep away from the pain. I don’t see why else he wouldn’t attend his best friend’s funeral unless he secretly hated him or something.

Whichever demon you may summon, I don’t think guilt-tripping is going to work for you here. Convincing him that attending the service will help him heal could work, but considering his reactions thus far you may be better off asking him to do it as a favor to you.

I’m guessing it would also be extremely helpful if you were there with him to provide comfort and support.

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Well, dreams may be the easiest route for some, but not the only. Petition them and ask that his friend be present in your husband’s life. Ask that they help the relationship between your husband and his friend’s child be given priority. Things typically don’t work right away, so you may want to do this every-so-often. Your husband’s stance may harden or they get to him in a moment when he is open to change.

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Update: Petitioning Dantalion and asking late friend for help worked. Everything went smoother than anticipated. Spouse even offered to be there for the kid anytime. The mom/widow also reached out multiple times.

So thank you all for your advice. A huge thank you to Dantalion for helping during such a tight timeline.

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i must say you almost brought tears to my eyes. It is rare to see this type of manipulation to be selfless and for the good of the other person. It is also rare to see someone be so selfless as to actually think that far of him losing contact with his best friends son. Thank you for being you

Life is hard for a lot of people, especially when they lose someone dear to them. When this hurts someone enough, they begin to accuse and to blame. this is a diversion from pain.

Notice they can only blame what they do not know, they cannot understand it’s experience so the finger is pointed at them.

A great way to work on someone’s feelings, with any power, is to understand them.

I’m sorry you had to go through this.