Converting a Natal Chart into a Sigil to use in ritual

I have just had thought and that is if you could convert your natal chart into a sigil and use in rituals. What are your thoughts on this? I am intrigued to know your opinions either way.


Id say try it! My chart is lopsided and would not make an anesthetically pleasing sigil. But ir would be cool to see what comes of making one into a sigil.

Id imagine it would potentially open you to yourself more.

You have inspired me to try it out. I have already got my Natal Chart constructed and I will see what I come up with…I enjoy creating sigils and I learned at least 4 different methods. I may also look into Hyper Sigils for group rituals…let sleep on it and I’ll get back to you in the morning :wink::joy:

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A very interesting concept! Very innovative.

Thank you. I will see what I can come up with

this…this is a novel idea. I have my chart, but it means nothing to me because I don’t know how to read it. I only use magic for self modification so this may be what I’ve been looking for however.
you may be on to something! I’ll let you know what comes of it. going to try and hammer mine out later today.

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I have an idea of what the out come will be and I will incorporate all aspects that are present. I am not too well versed in Astrology as I am still learning but I will include everything that is present on a natal chart; as well as symbols of the planets I will in include their seals…atm all the pieces of the puzzle are still floating around my head lol

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I played around with a similar idea a few years ago, the results were a bit sporadic depending on what your doing. It is in part what lead me to studying vedic astrology to wrap my head around why certain things happened when i tried this.

Before i had a clue what would happen I basically i would start the sigil from the planet i desired to focus on and then make it flow from one to the next on priority level of what i thought was important at the time. Things got a bit crazy for a few weeks.

The thing to be mindful is each planet in the chart is influenced by those looking at it (aspects) and effecting a specific area of your life experience. Depending on what you do you can end up stimulating planets that may impart more difficult lessons on you which will benefit you in the long run but can make life rough for a time. While others want to work with you and removing obstacles.

Essentially what can happen is the same as if you attempt to mix mantras without an understanding of what aspects of your chart they vibrate on which can result in stimulating some of the more abrasive energies in it.

Like if you had saturn in Taurus in the 11th house for example. This already has the potential to be a rough placement since saturn often has a limiting effect on the house it is in while taurus in part income and pleasure while the 11th house represents gains.

If you stimulated this planet in a way that wasn’t beneficial to you then you could end up placing low flow valve on your income for awhile as part of the lesson to manage money.

While the lesson would be useful going through it could be a pain when there are less stressful ways to do so.


When it comes to the application of mantra construction with vedic astrology it is essentially a way to form a specific sonic sigil if you will for a specific person in a way that will benefit them the most by attuning it to planets that want to aid the person.


I understand what you are saying as the planets have a very potent influence on us…I am glad you pointed out some of the hidden traps within this route of exploration…When I got my natal chart constructed it was by the means by one of these astrology websites that you could construct one for free…One of my book of shadows is being dedicated to astrology and may span over multiple volumes. I want to master the basics and get to a stage were I can see the energetic interactions within in a natal chart. Is Vedic Astrology one of the most potent and accurate forms of astrology? If so, once I mastered the basics then I will intergrate what I have learned into that system. You have definitely opened my eyes to some of the things I need to be aware of and the route I should take to unlocking hidden knowledge. Thank you for your input

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Both western and vedic astrology have their uses. But i was more drawn to vedic cause it meshes better with my own work.

As for accuracy that is a point of argument between the 2 systems cause western astrology uses the tropical zodiac which is based off a specific calculation from the sky of the past while vedic uses the sidereal zodiac which is based off the sky at that specific time. The main difference is the starting point of the two is western astrology uses the sun sign as it’s focal point while vedic uses the ascendant.

They also both have difference points they focus on the others. Also you’ll need to check if the chart you got generated was made using the western or vedic calculations before trying to apply aspects of one system to it or you could give inaccurate information.