in my black career so far, i’ve been able to fully convert 2 people (fully embrace the True Religion of Black Magick, see the Dragon, dwell in the Void, talk to the Mother of all Mothers and find their Path)

not a big number, considering the raw numbers of people i’m actually talking to. but i feel that it gained momentum and many people around me are getting darkened.

still, my greatest joy is that no other then my own sister became as capable as me (if not more) and i did posessions on Her, then on myself… we now do posessions and learn from the Queen

who would ever guess something might happen? it’s totaly crazy!


Whats this about now?

it’s a topic about converting people to the Dark Side + a lovely family story


Why is it important to you that they convert to darkness? Would it not be just as beautiful to see the people in your life attain spiritual ascendance through any willing means or path? I’m not trying to break your chops here, I merely seek to understand your perspective. Congratulations on bonding with your sister, btw. I wish I could have that kind of openness with my own siblings.


thank you for your question!

there are infinite number of different ways and paths and what not - UNDER THE ILLUSION

there is of course, only one True Path - the TRUTH -

generaly, anything LHP-ish leads to the uncovery of the TRUTH very quickly, if properly done.
that means, if you seek dead centre of the dark ascent with heart.

the corruption of True Knowledge has overflown into all areas of knowledge

there are thousands of branches of this school of thinking, that philosophy etc…

everything is fragmented. our souls are fragmented - and it is reflected in everything.

so, as long as we’re thinking in fragments, we’re wrong.

everything inside the Illusion is broken - not a single whole thing.

inside the whole Manifestation, there is not a single Whole Thing.

so, to counter all that shaite, you have to CONVERT out of your false religions of light (whatever you think - cause you’re extremely wrong)

and enter the WHOLENESS

now, i know there’s been some talk about wholeness in new age and yoga teaching and it’s all cool… but i never experienced wholeness in all my practice…

except when i entered the Truth, through Enlightenment - and that has something to do with the Void and the Dragons of the Other Side

now comes the tricky part no one believes - altough everybody percieves their own subjective reality, people who actually go across the Void, and are capable and willing to speak of it - if intelligence is properly used - can in totality agree upon the same objective reality.

that means that there is One Objective Reality (high above megaverse paralells, dark unstable universes and such phenomena)

in order to reach the understanding about Draconian Reality - which is the totality of manifested reality of the Monster - in which we live and die, we have to enter and walk the Old Path.

of course, as long as we live, our minds will translate things differently, but Eternal Black Heart - (i can not finish because - paradox of unreality)

also i want to have few experiments with a group of 5 posession-happy baddass black magicians. so i’m currently raising the gang.


Not for nothing, but you could swap some of those words out for their Christian equivalents and wind up with a sales pitch worthy of the best Evangelical preacher. What makes many of us LHP, myself included, is that we seek out our own truths on our own terms. I have yet to exchange ideas with anyone even a great adept, who has the “whole truth”. Conversion? To what? The forces you are describing have never asked for worship, so I see no need for any kind of conversion. Conversion is a phenomena of the RHP. Awakening is more along the lines of what I have experienced. Best wishes, though.

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yeah i get the idea what you imagined it to be hahaha

yeah well.

i also never used word conversion until now cause it’s funny.

also, yes, i posess the “whole truth” - thanks exclusively to the Dark Gods of the Path

also funny thing is that altough evangelists and all others claim to have the Truth, they do not, i do.

and i think that there are more BALG users who know the Horrific Truth then evengelists in totality.

You didn’t say conversion? You are right. You said convert. My mistake, lol.


I believe that Blackness is the ONLY PATH to true Ascent. That’s my reasoning for why people should convert.

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This is what I see.

This is what I fell.

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You’re too funny xD

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I think it’ll be a long time before we see our lot with placards on a Saturday afternoon in UK high street shouting “Repent repent Christians - the only way is the Goetia” along side the Joey’s Witnesses giving out copies of their Watchtower, the Mullahs screaming the word of Allah, the Heavensgatists types in their shell suits, Hari Krishnas chanting and doing the conga and Scientologists trying to befriend everybody.

It would be an interesting sight - you could imagine it though, it would be the one thing that would unite all of them a collective hate for what we do! I even have the Benny Hill music running through my head as the all start chasing us out of town… Ha ha ha!