Convergence Of Godhood

The Anti-Transmigration

As some of you may or may not be aware off, I underwent the soul travel process of ascending throughout the various cosmological planes of existence throughout the various corresponding bodies, the astral, the casual, the mental etc. Through that damn abyss undergoing that intense dark spiritual purging and the dark night of the soul along with that. As I soared through the black river of perdition away from the suffering into the ocean of liquid light and sound, into the river of eternal flame through what’s been called “the formative plane”.

I would continually return to it, becoming the ocean of fiery liquid power and sound that distills into the lower worlds forming creation, as creation is a ongoing process and isn’t a thing that happened once upon a time. The ocean of energy distilling into the lower planes not loosing potency nor diminishing in power rather the further it “moves” for a lack of better words from the divine source it undergoes a condensification. Forming the various facets of reality, including the self, I would bask in this for months on end becoming the ocean never moving on. Simply basking in it and giving up all that I was the flames and fire of eternity.

Once I had then merged or simply assumed my rightful place as Sat Nam, the creator, the destroyer of all, as this is all of our rightful place. I would then bask in this being simultaneously no longer just creation as a whole, but the creator and its creation simultaneously breathing life and change into the lower worlds. Bringing that back down into the physical body, taking the godhood assumed therein to this version of me, the transmigration process had ignited fully.

However the convergence is forever an on going process, all one has to do once the anti-transmigration has been sealed here and now in this the self. There is no need for projection nor travel out of the self, rather the infinite ocean of fiery brilliance can be seen in this world through these eyes. The illusion pealed away for all things are this ocean, and no assuming of Sat Nam/Godhood is required merely just descending back into it, for you feel that the planes begin to converge on you.

There is no separation, there’s no need for the preliminary invocation for ritual, there is no empowerment ritual, there’s nothing like that, the throne of god isn’t up “there” far away, in this moment whether you sit, becomes that throne for the illusion of separation is just that separation.
Each thing I do, every mundane act, and spiritual/magickal one seems to deepen the convergence, it seems to shatter the boarders between the physical and the corporeal all together almost.

Yet there is still some gap so to speak, and it is this gap I am furiously trying to close so that distillation of power, energy, and even god consciousness is here and can affect this world and the self almost instantaneously this is the manifestation of the eternal incarnate. That is the final outcome and result of the living god, to cause the change and manipulate and bend all creation as an extension of the self instantly without the pesky divide.

I’ve decided rather than keeping this to my personal journal as I’ve done for the past few years, I’ll be documenting this convergence process here instead.


@C.Kendall I have decided- you are the antichrist. :wink:


Do you use any substance to help enter the proper mental state to achieve this type of ascent/descent? I have difficulty just settling my mind and body to meditate for longer periods. I use cannabis to help with that, which works fine for me. Visualization is way too easy and my mind just goes off on its own tangent. I don’t have much control on where it wanders. I don’t think I have traveled astrally, either.

How do you remember what all to do without a cheat card of directions or a guided meditation?

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Try Breathwork

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Well we all are, christ and anti-christ are just two polar dimensions of consciousness, one is that of the saviour similar to the bodhisattva and the other is adversarial, but I prefer the archetype which is the antichrist character in Islam referred to as the Dajjal.

The Dajjal also known and sometimes referred to as “Al-Masih ad-Dajjal” he is often known to be the ‘deceitful messiah’. Essentially very similar to the concept of ‘the anti-christ’ from my own encounters with various emanations of this crooked archetype there are several atavistic masks. For example in Christian eschatology there is the well known “Antichrist”, a human prophet who is either viewed as the “inversion” or “perversion” of the divine prophet or messiah. When in actuality it is the duality made manifest, a prophet of light and one of the dark. For example in Zoroastrianism we have Zoroaster, who is the divine prophet of Ahura Mazda. In this mythology it can viewed that Zohak/Azi Dahaka is the other side of that dualism, being the dark prophet of Ahriman/Angra Mainyu.

Therefore we can view it from this perspective the messiah, is often viewed as “Christ Consciousness” or sometimes argued to be “Krishna Consciousness” which are almost identical when dissected and categorised. Christ consciousness is in essence a state of being, a literal dimension of self so to speak, that resonates to transcendence of oneness beyond time, space, transcending upwards to higher degrees of consciousness, this is however delayed for the compassion and urge to aid others to ascend with them, often embodied cosmologically as the solar-lion, “the saviour” as represented in cosmos as the sun, often tied to Christ himself. We can also see that this is simultaneously identical to “the bodhisattva state”.

The Christ Dimension/Christ Consciousness then is reminiscent to The Krishna Dimension and even “The Bodhisattva State”. A solar gradual archetype of ascension tempered by compassion, fettered by the finite perspective of good and evil, the moral and ethical lens of spirituality. Whereas “The Antichrist Consciousness” or “The Dajjal Consciousness” isn’t a state or dimensions of self which stops at ascension or even limited by the falsity of good and evil, nor does it seek oneness like that of “The Saviour”. It does of course seek union with the all, whether this is viewed as “God/The Source/Divinity/The Dragon” the singularity of divine potential and creation usually. Rather than dissolving self therein, which is often referred to as “Transmigration” this darker archetype is one of “Anti-Transmigration”.

Anti-transmigration is the process of accelerated ascension with the divine, a temporal dissolving then followed by a re-creation of self. Literally dying as a man in the fires of godhood, becoming that all consuming flame of creation, destruction and preservation. Literally becoming God but taking that Godhood and externalising it once again, in this world, in this self, taking the led of man to the gold of the gods, is the work of the gods themselves. However taking the golden potential of the gods and then blackening it, slowing down its vibratory resonance is the work of the devils. The once attained “Christ Consciousness” then is transmuted into “The Antichrist Consciousness” or the dimension of Dajjal.

We see the duality here quite clearly in magickal system that are geared towards the complete ascension of mankind. Transversing the Sephiroth one attains that divine essence and embodies “Christ Consciousness” and embodies the solar saviour. One then descends back down and ascends again but now through the Qliphoth, reaching the black diamond which is the allegorical yet tangible spiritual archetype of “The Black Diamond” forged through the blackened fire of self, through the adversarial path. The two trees become one within the self, the black sun in the left hand, the regular sun in the right. This is unification of the heavens and the hells, the infernal and the celestial/angelic, the light and the dark. The right eye shines with the divine light of the source, the left eye however does not shine, rather this is the great eye of the Dajjal it is blind.

The Dajjal is described to have a blind and defective eye, this is supposed to symbolise the crooked and “evilness” of the Dajjal. This is false however, in my interactions with the Dajjal he had cleared this up and stated he is also known as “One Eyed”. This is one of his many titles, we can see that this is a demonising nor negative title actually, as there are many examples of being one eyed that represent great wisdom, knowledge, devotion, greater perception, even self-sacrifice. We can see various examples of this such as Odin and the sacrifice of his one eye, when Shiva closes his eyes only one sees which exudes absolute power both destructive and creative simultaneously. Balor the supernatural leader of the Formorians in the irish mythology is said to have one eye upon his forehead that would wreak destruction when opened.

Bungisngis is a one-eyed giant in Philippine folklore, the cyclops of Greek mythology, the Dajjal in Islamic mythology, The Graeae, the three witches that shared one eye. Hagen the one eyed warrior in German and Norse legend. Horus the Egyptian god looses his eye, just like the eye of Ra there aren’t “the eyes of Ra” rather there is one, one great eye of Ra, which sees everything. Honestly the list continues and is extremely extensive across various countries, mythologies, folklores, etc. This is reminiscent of the eye of the storm, the eye of the dragon, the eye of the void, for that is the eye of Dajjal.


No I don’t use any substances and when it comes to visualisation, it may help to perform imaginative exercises to focus on a localised structure/area/thing rather than allowing the mind to wander. Discipline over the mind is a critical key component in not just magick, but your life and spirituality as a whole. Remember you are in control of your mind, it’s not in control of you, it’s an extension of the self.

Simultaneously it’s good to have guidance and structure as you mentioned, however one has to know when to dive in and transverse things without or else you run the risk of shutting yourself off to new possibilities and explorations, limiting the chance of sometimes reaching new personal levels or states of being.


Very interesting. But all this talk of Christ consciousness leads one to reflect on the one unique teaching of Christ at the time- Actual bodily resurrection and man as the cosmic intermediary between ALL worlds, not simply escaping and ascending, but the Mind and Spirit elevated to God with the feet planted into the material world, the conviction seeming to be- All should be transcended, but none abandoned.

What is the significance of actual bodily resurrection for you as a teaching?

Your opening post lines up with my personal gnosis on the difference between angels and demons. Demons are divergent consciousness while angels are convergent consciousness, convergence towards cosmic harmony between the spheres/poles. Unity, but more the idea of universal convergence of all forms and between all forms. Lo and behold, this is what it really leads to.


Yeah another way to look at this is angels are emanations or heralds of transmigration, their office is the exhalation of self to transcended degrees, offering enlightenment, illumination, ascension and transmigration and unity with divinity. Their agents of divine transmigration then, while demons or beings of that calibre are more so the agents of anti-transmigration.


Second Entry

Today I had assumed the same state of Sat Nam again, yet saying assuming that state is a misleading concept but no other words seem to fit. Consciously aware in the infinite divine body of Sat Nam upon the formative plane and yet simultaneously being the power that distills from it, I.e. the creation and creation simultaneously. I distilled yet again downwards through the lower planes, reuniting all torn aspects of self as the singularity within this self, this body here. What felt like an hour to distill into the lower planes was insane, unable to think and being unattached whilst in this state is rather disorientating. As the detachment began to slowly diminish as the godself and lower self had converged once again at least consciously.

The very planes began to converge, opening my three eyes no longer seeing the physical world with physical eyes, all my surroundings were on fire. The ocean of liquid fiery light and sound encompassing all of the physical matter of the world, seeing the convergence of the ocean of formation with that which was formed. My entire surroundings becoming even more disorientated, I could see beings all around me in the divine inferno which was underlining creation. My usual assumption was that they were wandering spirits but no, I was seeing travellers in the other worlds, I was seeing spirits that exist in the astral plane here in the physical plane, even seeing not just astral forms but mental bodies and causal bodies.

The planes converged upon me so intensely I could see the inhabitants of those worlds bleeding into this one, all realms becoming a temporal singularity. A dimension in which physical matter, astral energies and the emotional spectrum, along with the various other facets of the other worlds stirred before me in a quantum soup. Not only were the worlds and planes converging, all of my subtle bodies intermingled within me, glowing as a the atman, the eternal self, superimposed upon this the image and the archetype of Atman liberated within the self. Merging samsaric identity with atman no longer in opposition, now that these two are no longer in opposition the sense of self merged with the immortal and the eternal.

I began simultaneously expanding infinitely and yet at the same time shrinking down within the smallest fibres of existence, into the electrons, the quarks, atoms, every fibre of existence infinitely large and infinitely small imbued with the breath of god. Holding this state is fine however the instant thought or intent is brought to mind, the ego or samsaric identity breaks you away from this divine state. However the convergence was so strong and so harmonised that I could hold the state and think simultaneously, so I attuned my attention to chorus around me. The sounds of creation, the struck and unstruck chords that is the song of existence, hearing the bija mantras the seed sounds that culminate and make up all that is.

In this state expanding the entirety of the mental plane here and now into this self, I didn’t need to question what to do, the hive-mind, the collective consciousness of all things, was temporally my own. This knowing and this state allowed me to isolate and localise my own attention to the infinite vibrations and sounds of the divine, of that eternal chorus. I heard a sound one which I had never heard before, I sat with it until I could perfectly mimic it vocally and vibrated the following mantra.

“HUE F’UL” X10

As I vibrated it, I could feel all of the energy and power converging within me and upon me, it began solidifying. However it wasn’t just normal solidification but also concentration, followed by a surreal fortification of the currents of spiritual energies, I directed it towards the energy field and i had this sense of impenetrability.

Through today’s convergence I had been able to maintain this state without the mind becoming a factor of attachment which would usually be an issue, as atman and samsaric identity worked in unison. Whilst simultaneously obtaining a new powerful mantra, one of solidification, fortification and concentration.

The applications of said mantra could be vast, but so far I’ve noticed it’s potent benefits towards self defence and protection of this self, and it’s application for other forms of energy work.


Notes From My Personal Journey

The process I have recently undergone is quite intense, no longer are these occurring processes taking place on higher planes affecting this plane and this self. Rather through this convergence it’s happening both there and here, of course there is no separation but I digress. I’ve noticed incredible differences already, the extreme aches and pains I’ve suffered with over the years virtually gone. The emotional state of self is almost like a machine, I can choose whatever emotion I want and to whatever intensity I desire, yet this applies to my mind simultaneously.

Immediately if anything occurs that is undesirable in my life I am so unattached to it, I don’t worry about it, I’m not over invested in it and because of this. Wielding this power and state I am able to almost instantaneously the same day able to cause the desired change, immediately and without any effort really doing the bare minimum. The sudden depression I was in a few months ago completely gone, my body feels much younger, much healthier, able to sleep, able to operate at greater degrees than usual.

Although I’ve noticed at least one negative result of all of this, the elements of this world and the inhabitants of the world are quite hostile. As if they’re some how aware of the undergoing changes and their behaviour eradicably, but even they were extremely easily dealt with, not even physically but just commanding their nuisance to cease, this applies to people as well as the spirits which are trying to now test me.


The topics you have opened are shaping my magical study. I will always be grateful to you @C.Kendall

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I felt within me that angels are heralds of divine consciousness, but not in a one sided way that it was only “up there”, but also as the condensification of power within you and in the physical.

It should be possible to have full, theoretical omnipotence while in this form, but there should be a certain way to achieve that in a specific pathway.

I just channeled this, so if you found it useful, I’m glad.

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Yeah that’s exactly what I’m saying my friend, they’re geared towards causing changes within you but to ascend to higher degrees. However from my own experience the demons and spirits of anti-transmigration are the inverse “almost”. The angels/gods are the avatars which allow you to transmute that led (the basic self) and transmute it into gold (the supersoul/god) whereas the other categories seem to take that golden light of source and slow down those melodic vibrations, blackening that gold this is the dark work essentially, this is the process of anti-transmigration.

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I feel that the best way to describe it is that you’re not just an individual searching for a truth up there, that it’s inseparable from you in this form. Everything is just an extension of the power that you are in this form. Not to say that you literally can do anything, but that that omnipotent power is already here in your form.

Of course that’s one of the first realisations one needs to obtain before even being able to enter into the formative plane, let alone anything else that proceeds that

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Can I pm you about something?

Of course


Effects Of The Convergence In Ritual Magick

I’ve noticed recently in my ritual work that whilst in that Eternal state here and now in the ritual circle, this physical environment glitches out with the vision of some astral or other kind of spiritual plane. As the temple fades back to my vision, the temple confusingly changes and transmogrifies in a strange way. The candles normal one moment, shifting into pillars of astral columns of light into the air, shifting back to the candles but with parts of the wax being replaced with that light. This is continually happening and pulling myself out of the states in ritual is becoming even more of a herculean effort. This is having strange effects too and I am unable to put those effects into actual words.

Effects Of The Convergence Physically

I’ve recently been performing nine to ten rituals daily, this is to mention soul travel and daily meditation. I’m loosing track of time and days, to the point I didn’t sleep for three and a half days when I slept and woke up, believing it to be the beginning of the weekend it was actually half way through the week. My body is craving less and less of what it usually digests, to the point I have to set reminders just to know when to eat, hydrate and take my supplements and various things like that.

This ensures that my physical self doesn’t deteriorate during this convergence process, another issue I’m noticing is having conversations in the various other planes whilst simultaneously on auto-pilot here with others barely immersing myself in the daily conversations. I’ve noticed my memory is incredible on any and all information gathered in those other realms, but memory recall in this realm seems to be almost suffering due to that fact, ergo this something I need to keep in mind. That this convergence is supposed to be about balance, allowing the physical and spiritual to bleed into each other as one. It’s strange even regular enjoyments like sex, smoking or drinking are becoming less appealing, I’m not becoming a monk or anything like that, I’ll indulge in these things but not anywhere near as much as usual.

Effects On Entities

I’m usually getting spirits left right and centre coming to me, but recently it’s become an insane bombardment. I’ve had Thoth coming to me, I’ve had Metatron, Qayin, Viracocha, Shades, Ascended and Descended masters and various others continuously trying to grab my attention. It makes sense that others become aware of such a change, but due to this convergence there’s no getting rid of them, only commanding or dismissing them from my attention. Needless to say the spirits aren’t the only ones reacting to this convergence, even other magicians and sorcerers who I personally know are reacting very intriguingly to me differently too.



I’ve been busy keeping up with my rituals for hire, I’ve noticed ever since this convergence process that I have a tremendous amount of energy, so much so that I’m able to perform up to nine to ten rituals per day. Some for clients and some for myself and yet with the convergence, I’ve noticed it’s had no effect on me.

Whereas usually I would at least notice some kind of ritual hangover, or at least feeling drained after performing that vast amount of magick.

Personal Update

This convergence process has also had tremendous effects on my own mental and emotional wellness, as I recently got divorced and have had my life completing rearranged. Everything I had a year ago is gone, this was a necessary sacrifice. I spent four years getting that life which I wanted, but I reached even higher and that life had to be given up for the life and empire which is now coming together.

Of course irregardless of the necessity and benefits it had quite a hard effect on me, especially since with the divorce we had children involved, friends and family parting ways. Now however just like Azazel reminded me

“Do not concern yourself with such frivolity for it is beneath you, building this empire requires absolute conviction”.

Now that is solidified and now that the infinite is overlapping with the finite, this has massively exemplified the process. I am currently not communicating with a few close friends and others online either, as over these next couple of days I’ll be dedicating every moment to what needs to be done, when I say every moment that is not a exaggeration.