Convergence Magic

Working on thee assumption that this moment is eternity, access to the infinite takes on the holy new meaning you impose upon it by force of sheer mental decisiveness. This means this, that means that, but these things also mean these things, so in thee end, everything realizes it’s connection to everything else under the lens of thee AWL seeing I. You decide. Pure and simple. When it comes down to it, in the boiling pot, through the fire of SIGHT, all things render equally malleable.

The only reason for reasoning to exist is to come from a place to arrive at an evidently conclusive reflection of thee experience of that place… But the moment our attention leaves the place of experiencing in doomed order to objectify it, it’s spoiled by that tainted train of habitual reinforcement of matter-of-factness.

I tell you now, there is a way, a law of the new.

Everything you choose to spend attention on is what you choose to matter to you personally, even by way of subconscious proxy. Everything that matters to you, in consequence matters to the rest of us. The exact, situationally dependant variables of the issue aren’t what matter from a wisdom standpoint, it’s the nature of the issue, the metaphorical potency of it’s potential applicability that truly matters to the WISE. Obviously, from a more strategically technical standpoint we do derive various truths and precise know-hows from the intricate interplay of the situationally-dependant variables, but that’s besides the point. What is the point? You decide. That’s the point. Tactics.

Free Will.



Thee amount of scale we’re talking, connections wise, perspective wise, is literally endless…

Everything that weighs in on what matters, meaning, everything that enters your attention span is subject to your spin(say) on the matter. You’re unconscious voice is magnitudes more amplified than your conscious voice. The more time/energy/attention you spend on developing the bridge between your conscious, subconscious, and unconscious minds, not to mention, your 3 brains(gut, heart, head) in conjunction, the more your unconscious voice will speak for your conscious voice. The more confidence and direct focus of will you have concentrated in your speech, the more influence you will have over your environment. Your speech is not restricted to vocal intonations. Your speech is your entire profile of how you, as an object on all fronts(spiritual, emotional, mental, physical) interacts with thee environment, down to the minutest, unimaginable detail.

Most of us only think we know what we mean. We have thoughts that we think are expressions of exact truth, yet thoughts, and the meaning described through the various praxis’ of the various languages we use to understand thoughts, are only symbols, vague interpretations of the actual experience. The actual experience is usually lost among these thoughts, only left as a vague impression, always strong enough though, to remain hidden, deep down in the mnemonic recesses of your genetic memory, mathematically encoded into a divine echo.

The point is…

Everything is coming together right now to manifest this moment FOR YOU. The depth at which you experience is determined by your willingness to sink.


True dat.


You kn ow it! Thee implications of that are enough to break a mind free.


Were all in this together apart of one body making further self-realizations and learning, evolving on a macrocosmic and microcosmic level, from the subatomic particles, to the stars and planets tapping into and tuning into different levels changing us forever, flowing in and out, one of my favorite quotes: Its not the experience, It is the meaning you take from it. Related image


That is Reality for You, and me. Your nutshell is complete. It rings of highest truth.
Thanks for sharing your insights.