Controlling Body Temperature

So one power that I want to learn is the ability to control my own bodies temperature at will. This would be useful for when it gets extremely hot during the summer (I live in a southern state) and the ability to control my temperature to not be as hot would be amazing. It definitely sounds possible, considering how much further others try to go with body manipulation. And principle wise it sounds possible, as temperature is directly related to energy and a big portion of magick is about energy manipulation. So, anybody got suggestions on how this could be done?


I think it’s Buddhist monks who achieve this ability to the level of sitting in nothing but underwear in the Himalayas but apparently that takes at least a couple decades to achieve. I assume it’s either becoming the master of your own reality to the highest degree or (more probably and easier to achieve) a matter of learning to control one’s body to the point of complete mastery of every bodily system whether conscious or not.
However if that’s the case it wouldn’t work as well if at all for heat as the only way to cool ones self off is sweat or enough layers. Probably the easiest to achieve would be doing magick to help you move to a more suitable climate.

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@Lady_Eva might know a bit about this as well.

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Creating heat is easier as you can simply speed up the bodies metabolism to produce more. Now interesting fact but most adverse effects of heat are purely psychological. Human bodies are rated for some rather extreme conditions more so than our perception usually allows and that causes our bodies to adversely react. So detaching your mind from the temperature but focusing solely on your body and its biological reaction will let you measure when you are truly getting too hot versus simply thinking you are.

You can also slow down the body causing it to produce less heat of its own and then either disperse the body’s thermal energy into the earth or create a pocket around your body in which energy is redirect to create cooler air currents. Through sheer force of will you can also slow down your physical vibrations and thus reduce temperature just as natural cooling would occur.

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Look up research and testing done on biofeedback experiments.


It’s fairly easy to accomplish. Generally it is done through breathwork and intention.


Could a servitor potentially help? I would assume yes because their application is known to be very versatile

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I think getting spirits involved would unnecessarily complicate things. This is your body we’re talking about. Taking control of it is well within YOUR power to do so. There are a myriad of ways to control body temperature. Breathwork and qi gong are two of the simplest.


I get the feeling you already knew the type of answers you were going to get. like tummo, wim hof method, meditation…
Are you looking for something more obscure by chance?

Ehh kinda, kinda not. I wasn’t looking for any particular method, I was just curious about the methods of how it could be done. But I’ll accept answers that are both common and obscure.

Totally agreed. No outsourcing as much as possible. The simpler the process, the higher the chances that you will keep in control. Good luck!