Hi, while ago,in about 3-4 months ago before even i was start interesting in working with Demons, I did something stupid, I done a Contract just in my mind to offering my soul for a financial success in my life. Not get at all yet.
Dont remember is that was start same night or not but weird things start to happen, something awake me at 3am, and seems now every single night on 3am I am awake by something, I done Ouija session and when i ask about a name i got in a respond Regina Lis, Love Lis, dont think that is a real name of that spirit witch is connected to me.
How to find out who I was make a contract with in my mind when i was done just think about a devil

Hiya! This might be an unpopular opinion, but since every being has a soul- the You that’s observing your sensory inputs- and it is, by definition, a part of themselves, it is very possible to sell your soul.

There are a few things you should be aware of in the context of involving your soul in a contract:

  1. Since it is your observational faculties, your soul, when ‘sold’ to something else, really means you give sovereignty over your reality tunnel in exchange for something. By pawning off your self, and becoming the clay of a Spirit, you give them the right to do whatever they want with you and how you see everything. Some people use this as a way to fuel their goals, after finding an aligning intelligence and making the observational decision that the ‘cause’ is more important than they are. Martyrdom in a nutshell!

  2. Since your soul becomes the property of the Spirit you sold it to, your continuous sense of self is at their discretion. Whether you become an avatar or a raisin is their decision.

  3. Willingly opening that door tells your reality tunnel to stop resisting and start advertising your existence. Your ‘price’ is what you specify in exchange, and ‘magic law’ is a whole concept. You can get robbed by loopholes AND crushed by paperwork! It’s a fun world. :slight_smile:

So your best shot is to visit an appeals court, or get an overruling on the case.

Specifics are everything! :slight_smile: