Contract Question

when using the sigil method “just Charging the sigil and speaking what you want” how does some one go at writing a contract? just write what you want and say do this?

I would read over this to see if a pact is really what you want a lot of spirits are happy to help in anyway they can


Im taking about just charging the sigil and have a spirit hold up a contract not a pact. instead of saying what you want just charge the sigil then say uphold this contract i want to know can some tell me how to write up the contract?

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Can you at least get phsycic impressions like spirits talking to you telepathically?
I’m not discouraging you from your endeavours if you want to draw up a pact go ahead but at least know that the spirit has accepted.

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i just wanted to know if any one knows how to use just a contract and a sigil to get what they want.

Also try visualising the end result when you are charging a sigil it might help you get the result at desired

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