Contagious magick ritual

read this on my email last week wednesday. i am pretty much done with balg and magick in general, but i woke up this morning feeling like today something had to go down. so with pretty much zero prep, off i went.

while walking my vision went blurry. it would only sharpen when i would look at certain objects. i was pretty much walking blind except when i found something. when i focused on anything, i took it. the only thing i didn’t take that i had a good mind to take was some mud from the trail. i had no way of taking mud properly - i didn’t bring a knife with me or have anything to pick it up and store it. instead i took up stones.

at one point i found a path through tall grass and weeds. after following it, i found a huge pile of what looked like broken up mud or concrete slabs that made up a makeshift hill. i climbed on top of those and conjured there. the whole time i was conjuring i heard all types of things shuffling all around me. i kept looking around but didn’t see anything.

during the conjuration i began saying something different than what i was trying to say. i was channeling something. i kind of powered through that because i didn’t want to be distracted, but i knew what was going on. maybe i should have went with it but past experience has taught me that i get distracted too easily when i go with channelling type of takeovers and end up muttering jibberish, so i powered through it and kept conjuring.

i then stopped and closed my eyes. after a while i went into a trance which hit me pretty quickly. at that point i realized i was standing beside a sharp drop on my left side. i realized that if i turned left i was going to fall and probably not be able to get back up. so i stayed very still.

i took out all of the objects i picked up and one by one consecrated them and put them into my bandana. to top it off, i took two sigils i created that i had been charging on my machine for over a month. as soon as i did that the wind picked up enough that it nearly blew the sigils out of my hand, but i kept them firm and put them in the bandana.

i tied everything up in the sack and consecrated it as a sack. then i finished by asking for what i wanted, and i was done.

i was still a bit dizzy from the ritual. it was overcast outside and kind of dark, sort of like the camera lighting on the original blair witch project.

i found a shortcut back to civilization that led me along a shallow 6 foot ditch leading into a river nearby. there was only a ladder-looking crib or furniture piece going across it. i stepped on one end and it swayed. there was no fucking way that thing was going to hold my weight up, and i was too dizzy from the ritual to chance it. so i threw my bag with the sack across, grabbed a branch on a tree near me, and swung across. that took me to a trail that led me back to a paved road which i followed until it took me to a highway, and i walked along that until i got to a major 3-way intersection 20 minutes later.

erik says most magicians will have trouble doing this type of ritual. i’ve done rites just like it dozens of times before, it was just more of the same to me, but i have never taken anything from nature back with me.

time will tell how this one turns out.