Contacting the demoness Mepsitahl

You should ! She’s awesome !

whenever you learn it; share the Deadlift method please

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I did learn that method :slight_smile: it mostly involves focusing on the heaviness that comes on with closing your eyes and focusing on the space where your third eye is and imagine that heaviness lifting.

Like you would trying to push open a garage door that’s heavy. It’s exactly as it sounds. Focus your mind on lifting that heaviness as much as you can and when you feel exhausted stop and revisit the next day as you’ll slowly begin to feel the heaviness lift off more and more. And you might experience sensations and see colors or other visuals while doing so

This stimulates your third eye as you’re not just directing your focus onto it thereby becoming more aware but you’re also directing blood flow to it as well.


sweet; appreciate it

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Glad I could help

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hey can you tell me the method to summon her or atleast talk. I need a brief explaination as i am just a beginner.

I am trying to contact her. Most I got was some weird feeling, and surprisingly, a pain in my ear as well as a whisper. No clue what it was supposed to say.

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hey can you teach me how to contact her

Just look up invoking methods and use her sigil.

You can do this!

please clarify i cant find it anywhere please

please i need to contact her today please

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Mepsitahl sigil

Google images.
Have some fucking autonomy.


what book is she from?

Konstantinos’ book, Summoning Spirits, is where she originates, but EA also uses her in Works of Darkness and the Mastering Evocation course.


thank you

Jesus. I was a jackass back then

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haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I would first stop calling her a demon
As she is not

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