Contacting the deceased

Im new to this so this may be a dumb question but aside from using a oiuja board is there an easy way tocontact and ask questions of the recently deceased.
My friends boyfriend passed away last night/early this am due to what appears to be an overdose or possible suicide, so i wanted to know if since it was so recent if now would be a better time to attempt contact and if so what is the best way to go about it.

Thanks for the help
Count Zero

You may have thought along these lines, but consider a Ouija (or via Tarot, or pendulum- which makes more sense if you have EA’s Divination vid course)… as symbols of Contact. Whether that Contact is with a Wandering Spirit, a Deceased Person, a Demon (whether historically known, a godform, angel, elemental-freq as a Watchtower, or from “outside” and beyond): these are all different Currents (just as diff types of People can be quite different)… but all can be contacted.

Thus whether Indirectly (via a symbol-system) or Directly (through direct knowing-connection), that can be done with a Sigil (with deceased the Name, perhaps picture of, Gravestone rubbing if, or if there is a newspaper article clipping..  just writing this bit and temp in room cooled), that can be  via Scrying (in a bowl), autowriting, or actual Evocation.  (evoke either a slight-sense of presence, or a more dsitinct Shadow- which will change the Enviro a bit, or all the way to Full Concrete presence... )

Whether sooner or later (after passing-event) would be better, would seem to change "who" you contact, but as much Necromancy is much later, and yet other Workings are done prior to enternment, so ...  

I’d suggest part of beginning any of the above works, choose a method, and then the initial Contact (you want to get a response, connection) and interpret that (thus if you don’t get an immediate Download-of Knowing, then the Indirect,

ie a divination system like Tarot, or Dream-vision, or Ouija, whatever you use to interpret an Intuition sense if you were to unfold it to more specifics.. part of how you determine you will work  (subj synth- prep immersion)

Go to his grave and knock thrice on his tombstone, say:
I conjure and summon you (name), by the Holy Rites of Hecate and by the cold and terrifying names of the Mighty Hades, King of the underworld and master of shades to answer unto my demands!
The spirit should come fairly quickly. You can try lighting a cigar and smoking him in or asking him if he’d be willing to come to you at a later time. At the agreed time, cast a circle. I recommend calling on some death deities (I prefer Hades, Hecate, and Persephone). This is to keep the dead in line and also to assure the correct dead spirit comes. Remember to burn incense for the gods or some other suitable sacrifice.
On a table, put a picture of the deceased, a bowl of dirt from his grave, some food he loved in life, and a paper on which all the participants have put a drop of blood. The main operator should get into a deep meditative state while holding the dirt bowl. Callforth the spirit until his/her presence is felt. The main operator should then take the Ouija board (if that is what you are using) and start asking questions.
Dismiss the spirit when you are done and give thanks to the deities.