Contacting Archangel Raphael

For the past two days I’ve been trying to reach out to Raphael nothing yet
I’m using this sigil as a point of focus.

I use a basic prayer to call to him it’s a prayer a member posted to call to any entities
And chant his name Ra-FAY-EL
Asking him for assistance then wait for his answer nothing as of yet

If any of you guys have effect technique to initiate of contact or some pointers please do share

Search for online images of him, and Christian prayers (or New Age invocations) if they suits you.
Also, besides working on astral senses (Ajna and Vishuddha chakras, divination), I once read this passage on an Italian book inspired to the Golden Dawn: “Towards east Raphael is a great angelic figure yellow and mauve, vibrating and sending light flashes. That figure is moved by a breeze behind”. This is part of the Pentagram Ritual, I like such descriptions of the Archangel in that I feel they give more ‘connection’ and efficacy.

damon brand Archangels of magick…trust me…

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I’ve read this book’s reviews, there seem to be a number of people with issues regarding its effectiveness

with me it worked really good considering my situation, i can testify to its potency

To be able to see/feel/hear Raphael your senses need to be a little more sharpened, in my experience he never goes “HEY I’M HERE”.
You can ask him for a sign of his presence, he will give it to you, and you will notice the sign if you pay attention.

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I have that book in my kindle I’ll take a look
Brand books doesn’t seems to be too effective with me not much result
But I haven’t try so maybe I will

The first time I try
I ask for a sign in the candle flame one flickered 2x although I said thanks I accepted the sign but I had little doubt and ask to show again
Nothing happen
So not sure could have just been a coincidence

you asked for a sign, he gave it to you. He leaves it up to you if you doubt or trust.^^

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Try this:

try his sigil of power, you need to do the opening if you need it, try it, or also simply try praying to him to come to you, RAFAEL

I always write letters to angels and archangels. And they always hear my requests.