Contacting an unknown entity

Hello all,

A problem arose last night, which will probably take some explanation and background. I took a break from all things magickal for about 4 years, but now I am back, have my path mapped out and have started moving forward again. Last night my wife and daughter went out for the evening and I stayed home to evoke Bune. When they got home a short chat found my daughter in tears.

A few years back I started working with the Voudon Gnostic Workbook and I did one of the exercises, I think it was to call the Dead or the Voodoo Hoodoo Spirits or something. Work with that book didn’t last long, I found it to be a bit flakey, however on that night while I was doing the Working my daughter was asleep and was awoken by something, when she opened her eyes there was someone standing next to her bed. It freaked her out to say the least and she has never forgotten it.

She is now 17 and is afraid of the dark and being alone. She always feels like someone is in her room watching her. I’ve tried to talk her through it but it doesn’t seem to help. Now my talk of evoking demons has set off some fear in her. She knows what I am doing, she understands the meaning of “demon”, we talk a lot about magick and all of this, but Hollywood movies have gotten to her and she is just not taking any chances. She’s afraid of this thing in her room and she’s afraid for me.

I asked her last night if it would help if I were to summon this “thing” and see what it is and find out what it wants. She admits herself it might be her own fears, but she’s taking no chances. It’s mostly the unknown part she is afraid of. We have a house ghost who she knows and she is not fearful of that in the slightest.

Where I am stuck is, how do you evoke an unknown entity? If I can do that, then I can work on the rest.

Well, I say wait for your wife and daughter to go out again, then evoke that entity and ask it I’ts name’, ‘what it wants and why it goes to your daughter’s room’, and when ‘It’ has told you, ask it politely not to go to her room again. Then reassure your daughter.
You did make an evocation and got a response. you should not leave it at that. I think it was attracted to your daughter because you did not see it, and it knew your daughter will see it.
I do not think it wishes her any harm… So call it again, and work with it; especially on the reason why you called it the first time. Then it will leave.
They do not see time as we see it… so it probably is not aware that a lot of time has passed since your first evocation.

You should be able to call “spirit who appeared to my daughter (her name)” or something like that?

Maybe have some of her clothing in the room as you do the evocation, as a link to her and therefore it.

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Milla, thanks for the reply. To my knowledge this is not a spirit that I had previously evoked, however it is possible that it picked up on the energy created during a ritual and used that to manifest to my daughter. This wasn’t the first time, when she was much younger she awoke to a small old lady standing next to her bed, she thought it was a female leprechaun. However, I do feel that whoever it is, and it could even be a group, that they are to protect her. Its convincing her of that which is my task.

Strangely enough when I was a wee lad, about 6 or so, I remember when we used to travel in the car I would stare out the back window. I always used to see a horde of spirits following us. I was never scared of them, they were there to watch out for me. As I grew up I called them The Council.

Lady Eva, as simple as that, its always the way isn’t it :o) I tend to try and find the complicated route.

Thanks guys.

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