Contacted by an unfamiliar entity

One night after performing a simple Familiar incantation, I feel strongly that I was contacted by an entity named Berzanoth. Maybe I am way off the map here, but a few strange things are starting to happen.


Interesting… So what concerns do you have about this spirit?

My only concern is my own self-doubt. I sometimes feel as though that I have to rationalize spiritual events, and I know this creates too many barriers, which hinder my spiritual development. Otherwise, I sent out an invitation and this one answered. I invited him to a ritual last night as well.

Interesting. Such as?

Well, I use the word “strange” lightly. To me the events are not strange, only results of magickal workings and events. I came across a ritual that involves invoking the four Demon Kings of the four cardinal directions, and invited Berzanoth into my space to take part in the ritual with me. I brought the object that is his earthly “vessel” (the vessel was found in an antique mall near other objects that were completely unrelated to his vessel, and clearly marked with signs that it was the one he wants me to use…). Two days after completing the ritual, a major ordinance that my wife has been advocating for was announced to be brought before our local city council (my wife is an advocate for victims of human trafficking), and today the law was passed.
I believe the ritual has began to shake things up for myself and those close to me, and that by inviting Berzanoth into my mental/spiritual space, other doors are opening with great things waiting behind them